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Buying your new bike is the fun part. Find out how easy is it is to find cost-effective Kawasaki finance options too
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Whether you’re a seasoned motorcycle rider or you’re just starting out on your two-wheeled journey – kawasaki makes a range of motorcycles. From superbikes to tourers and off-road models, the japanese manufacturer has been producing quality for decades. A bike is a relatively substantial investment, so getting the right finance is essential. In fact, the best deal could save you thousands of dollars over the course of a five-year agreement. Wondering about your kawasaki finance options? Look no further than savvy.  

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The key to getting an excellent deal on motorcycle finance is information. At savvy, we understand that, and it’s why we not only bring together one of Australia’s most extensive panels of specialist bike lenders, but we present all your Kawasaki finance options too. We explain how each solution is structured so that you can make the best choice for your needs and aims. If you need help, we’re here and happy to oblige, but we’re not affiliated with any specific lenders. With savvy, it’s all about giving you more choices. 

Your Kawasaki finance options explained by savvy

What are my Kawasaki finance options?

Secured bike loans provide all the flexibility you need to buy the bike of your choice while offering low interest rates. Secured loans work so well for borrowers because you use your purchase as collateral, which lowers the lender’s risk – and that means lower interest rates too. You can use a new or second-hand bike to get secured motorcycle finance, and you’re free to buy from a dealership or via a private sale too. Loan terms run between one and five years and repayments stay fixed throughout, so it’s easy to budget for Kawasaki finance via Savvy.  

To qualify, you’ll need to be eighteen or over and a resident or citizen of Australia. Lenders look at your employment status and your past borrowing record, by checking your credit report. It’s important to plan your borrowing wisely, and if you do, you’ll get offered a better interest rate and stand a higher chance of qualifying with more lenders. It’s a great idea to sit down and add up your income and monthly outgoings – because that’s basically what lenders do. At Savvy, we look to match borrowers with lenders that offer qualification requirements that suit their specific needs and circumstances, so it’s a great idea to shop for motorcycle finance through us.  

How does motorbike finance work?

Buying a motorcycle with finance is pretty much the same as most loan applications. Online lenders make the process simple, straightforward, and quick. We’ll ask you for some details about your new bike and your work, income and spending, and ideal finance structure – then we’ll scan our extensive partner network to find the most suitable options.   

  • Just get in touch and we’ll ask you a few questions about yourself, your earnings, and what you want to buy. Then we’ll quickly find your ideal lender and product.    
  • After that, our expert motorcycle finance consultant will be with you until your loan is in place. You can supply all the documents you need to qualify via the web. You’ll need ID, proof of address, and you can grant read-only access to bank statements. We’ll also need some details about your bike.  
  • Once your application is approved, we’ll email an agreement – Read that carefully, and then you can sign and return it electronically, so there’s no actual paperwork to do.  
  • With your agreement signed and reviewed, we’ll arrange for the lender to pay funds directly to the dealer or vendor, and you can take delivery of your new Kawasaki. 

What are my Kawasaki entry-level options?

Kawasaki doesn’t disappoint with a range of entry-level bikes that are learner-approved and suit all riding conditions. Whether you live in the city or the country, you’ll find the right motorcycle for your needs. The KLX250S is one of those bikes you won’t want to put down. If you need something you can use on the road every day but occasionally hit the softer stuff, this might be the model for you. This bike comes with adjustable suspension for when you fancy a bit of fun. It’s easy to start, via an electronic push button. Get as dirty as you like, and use it for commutes too. The KLX250s is an excellent all-round starter bike. 

 The Kawasaki Ninja 400will definitely get your pulse racing, but it’s also learner-approved. This is entry-level exhilaration at its best, and the bike is entirely in the tradition of larger, more powerful Ninjas. You get a more comfortable riding position here, however. It’ll suit a lot of riders – of all shapes and sizes – and that includes novices. This motorcycle is fun to ride, but it’s more forgiving than some of the more full-blooded race bikes in the Ninja family. A wider rear tyre not only looks the business – but it also proves favourable for stability too. You get more grip, improved handling, and you’ll feel bumps in the road a little less too. You also get more control from the slipper clutch when for you’re still getting to grips with the ins and outs of riding a motorbike.  This smaller bike does nothing to tone down the aggressive Ninja appearance – it looks like a fast bike, and it is. If you want something a little more exciting to learn on – here’s your bike.  

 What are my Kawasaki superbike options? 

If this isn’t your first rodeo, you’re probably ready for a ride with a little more spirit. Kawasaki, as always, obliges with a vast range of powerful, exciting bikes. We’re going to take a look at something for touring and a pure-bred racer too. The formidable Ninja H2 SX SE+ is something of a multi-purpose bike. It’s got the power and attributes to get you somewhere fast with the option of taking to the road for longer journeys. Not only that, but the quick-release pannier system on this machine makes it extremely interchangeable. Switch between daily comfortable commutes and weekend rides effortlessly – it’s almost like having two bikes in one. For those highway rides, the H2 SX SE+ comes with electronic cruise control. The suspension also takes some of the fatigue out of longer-distance riding. The riding position lends well to throwing the bike into corners but also to the long haul, and the seats here were designed with comfort firmly in mind. 

The Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R is a lightweight bike that produces 147kW of power via an in-line four-cylinder engine. A race-ready suspension system makes the bike handle like a dream, but there’s a roadworthy refinement here too. It’s up to you on the Ninja ZX-10R – you can explore riding on the edge or let the bike soak up the kilometres and sit back. This bike won’t feel like a ragged ride unless you allow it – there’s loads of stopping power from the brakes with massive 330mm semi-floating diameter discs up front. At the back, you get 220mm of disc activated by a single caliper. The ZX-10R is a motorcycle conceived at the track with fun days on the road in mind. If it sounds like your thing, you can take a friend with you too. The bike comes with a passenger seat as standard – if you can find anyone brave enough to hop on. 

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Got Kawasaki Finance Options Questions? Here’s the FAQs 

How long is my Kawasaki finance?

Most bike finance deals run for between one and five years.  Depending on how you want to repay and how often you expect to upgrade your bike, you can set repayment terms over as little as a single year, opt for two years, or go longer-term.

Should I get bike finance from my bank?

You’ll find a limited number of products and options at your bank. The beauty of looking at a broad range of lenders is you’ll find specialist motorcycle solutions and a wider choice. To keep your options open, it’s best to shop around.

How much can I borrow with Kawasaki finance options?

You can borrow 100% of the cost of your new bike or use a deposit to reduce repayments. In terms of your credit or borrowing limit, that gets defined by how much you earn and spend each month, and the lender will also check your credit report. 

Can I get a bike loans with bad credit?

Savvy works with specialist lenders who accept bad credit bike loan applications. Interest rates for customers with past credit problems are almost always slightly higher, but there are some excellent solutions out there, and it’s a great idea to present your concerns to a Savvy finance consultant.

Can I buy a classic Kawasaki using a secured bike loan?

Because you’ll be using your bike as security against your loan, all lenders have age limits which apply at the end of the finance term. So, for instance, a ten-year-old Kawasaki would be fifteen years old at the end of a five-year loan. It’s also worth remembering that older bikes attract higher interest rates. If you’re looking at an earlier model, get in touch because we deal with several niche motorcycle lenders that may be able to help or we can opt for an unsecured personal loan.