Boat loan repayments calculator

Do you think you can’t afford the unbeatable relaxation and fun a boat can give? Think again. Use our boat loan calculator to figure out how much you’ll be paying each week, fortnight or month of your boat or marine pleasure craft loan. Input your interest rate and term length and you’ll get an answer instantly.

Boat Loan Repayments Calculator Icon  Your repayments$0.00
Total interest paid: $0.00
Total amount to pay: $60,444.00

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Things you should know about boat loans – tips and tricks

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What are some of the common types of boats in Australia

Some of the most common types of boats come in one of two materials; aluminium or fibreglass. Some of the makes you'll encounter are:

  • Bowriders: smaller boats for recreational water sports and swimming. Also related: runabouts
  • Cuddy Cabins: the family style - boat that is an all-rounder for fishing, swimming or cruising. Also related: cabin cruisers, the larger yacht style boats.
  • Centre consoles: The fisher's boat. A shaded helm and storage in the middle of the deck allows for quick access to fridges for bait, fish and the all important beer.
  • Sailboats - the classic cruiser. Rig up a sail and cruise around the bay or beach!

How can you compare boat finance?

Comparing boat finance can be a time consuming process. Some lenders and banks don't cater to boat or marine finance per se, instead offering secured personal loans (for a variety of non-specific assets.) Other lenders specialise in marine vehicle loans. You will have to sift through interest rates and comparison rates, which show you the base interest rates plus most fees and charges you will pay over the length of the loan. The best and quickest option is to get a quote through a boat loan broker, who will scour the market for the greatest and lowest cost deal.