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Last updated on April 21st, 2022 at 04:18 pm by Cate Cook

Enjoy more with flexible camper trailer loans

Camper trailers often appeal to those who like to be individuals and who seek the less-travelled path.  At Savvy we respect individuality and recognise that no two people are alike.  As the trusted experts in recreational vehicle finance, we can find you the very best low-cost loan tailored to your individual needs.

Whether it’s an Austrack camper trailer, a Winnebago motorhome or a Sunliner fifth-wheeler you’re after, we’ll save you time and money by finding you the very best loan interest rate available in Australia!

We compare the market on your behalf, and we’ll quickly find you a finance package that perfectly suits your personal circumstances – even if you have a bad credit rating or have had trouble getting a loan in the past.

We finance all types of camper trailers – pop-ups, forward or rear folding, hard-floor, soft-floor, A-frame or off-roaders.  We also finance new or used vehicles, either bought via private sale or through a dealer. The only limit is the stretch of your imagination!

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The benefits of a camper trailer loan

Low interest rates

Savvy will help you find the very best interest rate from more than 25 partnered lenders.

Flexible loan terms – you choose the term

You decide how much you can afford per month and how long you’d like to pay off your loan – anywhere from one to seven years.

100% finance - no deposit required

You won’t need to save a deposit to get your loan – you’ll get 100% finance secured by your camper trailer  

Flexible repayment options

Options are available to choose your repayment schedule so you can pay your loan weekly, fortnightly or monthly – it’s up to you!  

Fixed interest, no surprises

Repayments on your loan will be fixed for the entire period of the loan, so there’ll be no nasty surprises if interest rates go up. 

Fast approvals

We’ll get your loan approved in 24 hours, and your vendor or dealer can receive payment in around 48 hours.

Savvy will get you on the road faster!

Easy steps to get the best camper trailer deal

Frequently asked questions about camper trailer finance

We are due to retire in a year. Can we still get a loan to buy a camper trailer?

Naturally that will depend on your retirement income, but we’ve helped many pensioners become Grey Nomads!

Does Savvy arrange finance in all States?

Yes, we’ve been in business for over a decade and can arrange finance for you no matter which State or territory you live in.

Can I buy a used camper trailer and still get a loan?

Yes, as long as the trailer is less than 25 years old you can get finance to buy it – whether it’s from a dealer or a private seller

Can I finance accessories such as electronic towing brakes and tow bar?

Yes, your loan can cover the total cost of getting on the road including all accessories you may need to get fitted to your car.

Can I pay off my camper trailer loan early in a lump sum?

Yes, we can arrange a loan that is flexible and allows you to pay off your loan early in one lump sum if your family circumstances change.

What if I want to upgrade my trailer during the life of the loan?

Most lenders do charge early exit fees, but speak to your Savvy consultant about getting the most flexible loan possible if you feel you’ll want to upgrade soon.

Do I need to get insurance for my camper trailer?

Yes, comprehensive insurance is mandatory if you’re using your trailer as security for a loan, although in some states it’s not against the law to tow an uninsured trailer.

Will I need to get a roadworthy or safety certificate for my trailer?

Regulations vary according to which state you’re going to register the trailer in.  Check with your state’s motor vehicle registration department to see what rules apply to you.