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Flexible and low rate loans for yachts, dinghys, jet-skis, powerboats and most marines
No obligation. It won't affect your credit score.

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Sail on with flexible low rate boat loans

Lower rates on boat loans

Looking to purchase that dream boat? After competitive marine finance rates that will beat your banks? If yes, you have come to the right place.

Savvy has access to the most competitive boat financing options in the market.
Savvy has a long history and is very experienced in financing all types of assets including recreational vehicles. We pride ourselves on not just knowing how to deliver a cheap boat loan rate and repayment but also being able to talk your language as we have good knowledge on the type of assets you will be purchasing.

Marine finance your way

With Savvy, your boat finance is always your way as you have flexibility of financing new, used or certified boat for personal or business use, through private sellers, dealers or auctioneers, anywhere in Australia.

So call us at Savvy and get a no obligation quote on your next boat, jet-ski or marine leisure craft. We help you save money, answer all your questions and help you get on the water faster. At Savvy, we know boat loans so you get the best in boat finance.

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Have you got a question about boat loan?

I want a particular type of boat, can I finance it?

Yes – we finance every type of marine vehicle you can think of, from sailcruisers, yachts, dinghys, motorcruisers, powerboats, keelboats, trailer sailers and more.

I want to buy a used boat from a private seller. Is that possible?

Yes – we finance all kinds of transactions whether your chosen boat is new or used, or from a dealer or private seller.

I have bad credit. Can I get a boat loan?

Yes — Savvy helps many people with bad credit get approval for boat loans and marine finance. 9/10 applications are approved!

I’m self-employed. Am I able to apply for a boat loan?

Yes – We help the self-employed and retirees find the great deals on boat loans. You can speak to one of our consultants to find out more.

I want to know how much I can spend before I look for a boat, how do I do it?

Yes – you can use our online loan calculator to get a clearer understanding of how much a loan will cost. It’s free and easy to use.

I want to buy a few boats for my business. Is that possible?

Yes – we have a range of commercial boat loan options to suit your needs. Click here for more information on our offering of marine finance options for business.

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Boat loan calculator

Figure out your monthly, fortnightly or weekly boat loan repayments with the click of a button! Savvy’s boat loan calculator will show you just how much you’ll pay to get out on the water – and how much you could save! Just enter your finance amount, interest rate and loan term. Get the power to budget more effectively with Savvy’s great boat loan calculator. It’s simple to use and could save you a bundle.

Compare and save on your boat loan

Savvy is one of Australia’s most trusted boat loan and marine finance specialists. Our financial professionals trawl through over 25 of the nation’s best boat and marine financiers and banks to make sure our customers get the best deal. Each of our customers is guaranteed the Savvy silver service from signing up all the way to the end of the loan. How can you compare and save with Savvy? Click here!

Should you buy or lease a boat?

A boat is a major expense for most of us, but the question is whether we should buy or lease? Both are options with merit – it depends what you intend to do with the boat. At the end of a lease you can trade in, start another lease or walk away. But you must keep it in good condition. Buying a boat gives you equity, so you can hire it out and do what you want on your terms.

All types of boats and more

Savvy doesn’t just finance the run of the mill pleasure craft, we finance all types of boats including yachts, dinghys, jet boats, powerboats, sail and motor cruisers! Have your eye on a jet-ski? We finance jet skis and all kinds of marine recreational vehicles. Better yet, you can buy new or used and from a dealer or private sale. The choice is yours with Savvy!