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Platinum credit cards represent the best of the best in credit cards. Compare from our premium selection
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, updated on September 13th, 2023       

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The platinum standard in credit cards

When it comes to credit cards, Platinum credit cards are the crème-de-la-crème in terms of features and rewards. Platinum credit cards open up a world of exclusive, sometimes unique, benefits for cardholders. Many Platinum rewards programs come with a complimentary concierge service, assisting you wherever you are, day or night. Others may give you pre-sale access to concerts, sporting events, festivals and other entertainment. Platinum cards also offer purchase insurance, complimentary travel insurance, car hire insurance and higher rewards point caps. Some may also give you more rewards points or frequent flyer points per dollar spent. Platinum credit cards do come with hefty annual fees and higher than average interest rates. Of course, this all pays for some one of a kind experiences and benefits.

Gold, platinum, black, diamond and more

Believe it or not, but Platinum credit cards are not the top tier of Premium credit cards. Platinum often sits in the middle between Gold cards and Black cards. Some banks and credit card companies also add other tiers beyond black, such as Diamond for prestige clientele. Black credit cards often give cardholders access to personal shoppers, flight upgrades, complimentary hotel stays, airport lounge access, worldwide traveller assistance and concierge services, and more. Of course, Black credit cards are reserved for people who earn at least $75,000 or more – though other credit card providers may require an even higher income for you to qualify.

Is a platinum credit card right for me?

A Platinum credit card is not for everyone, though you will have to decide if the benefits outweigh the costs. The benefits are numerous; a Platinum credit card gives you access to lavish services, premium concierge services, exclusive invitation-only tickets to events and concerts and higher rewards point earnings for each dollar spent. Platinum credit cards also offer complimentary travel or personal insurance, which can come in handy if you travel abroad often. However, this all comes at a cost. This always comes in the form of high annual fees. Some annual fees can exceed $300 and go up to $1,200. Just like other rewards cards, you are “paying” for the rewards out of your interest rates. Interest rates average around 19-20% p.a. for Platinum cards, although “low rate” Platinum cards are available for a significant discount (usually 4-5%.) Those who do not need premium services or do not use rewards may not find much benefit in Platinum cards.

Platinum credit card questions, answered

Can anyone apply for a platinum credit card?
No – most Platinum credit cards are only available to people who earn over a certain amount. Usually, banks and providers only offer platinum credit cards to people with spotless credit histories and earn over $30,000p.a. However, this may vary.
What types of insurance can I expect with a platinum credit card?
This may vary, but many Platinum credit card providers give cardholders comprehensive travel insurance, flight cancellation insurance, hire car insurance, transport accident insurance, purchase protection insurance and extended warranties on certain purchases.
What level of coverage can I get with complimentary insurance?
This also varies. Your card provider will give you a Product Disclosure Statement detailing the level of cover and excess payments required for a claim.
Can I get a low-rate platinum credit card?
Yes – there are some low-rate platinum credit cards available to compare. However, their service offering may not be as wide-ranging as other platinum cards.
I’m not ready for platinum. Can I get something else?
Yes. Other premium cards on the market include gold cards or rewards cards. Rewards cards are often called “classic” credit cards. These include some premium perks, though not the full range offered to platinum customers.
What does “uncapped” mean in terms of platinum credit cards?
“Uncapped” or “no cap” Platinum credit cards refer to a cap on earning and spending rewards points. This means there is no limit to how many points you can earn or spend.
Do retailers offer platinum cards?
Yes, some retailers such as Coles and Woolworths offer platinum cards and equivalent rewards at their stores.

Helpful guides to making the most of tour platinum card

Platinum concierge services explained

You may have seen a concierge at a hotel, and are wondering – how does it work for a Platinum cardholder? A concierge works in the same way as a secretary. A concierge’s services may include, but are not limited to: sourcing, purchasing and delivering tickets for concerts, sport or entertainment; booking restaurants, flights, health, make-up or hairstylist; sourcing gifts; assisting with business arrangements; and more. Your credit card provider will charge your card when sourcing goods or services through the concierge.

Platinum credit cards and higher limits

For customers who spend high amounts on their credit cards, a platinum card may be a solution instead of spending across multiple cards and different interest rates. Platinum credit cards usually have higher credit limits than regular cards or rewards cards. Some Platinum cards have a minimum credit limit of $15,000! This doesn’t mean you must spend this every month, of course. Some may have credit limits as high as $100,000. Other premium cards, called charge cards have no limits – but you have to pay off the entire balance each month.

Which “exclusive” rewards are best?

The two major credit card providers, Visa and MasterCard run their own concierge and entertainment rewards programs. This is called Visa Entertainment and MasterCard Moments, respectively. American Express and Diners’ Club also run their own Platinum rewards programs. To be “exclusive,” Visa and MasterCard offer tickets for one stadium, while the other cannot. If you believe you’ll use rewards from one stadium or entertainment venue over another more often, use this as a factor in deciding which provider you want to apply with.

Platinum cards and business

Businesses and corporate clients often use Platinum cards to take full advantage of premium services while travelling. Platinum cards are premium choices for business people who travel regularly, want access to a concierge, and travel insurance to ensure coverage in addition to anything not paid for by their company. People who fly regularly can upgrade their flight or gain access to airline lounges while earning bonus frequent flyer points.