Savvy's Editorial Guidelines

At Savvy, we’re committed to providing our users with accurate and comprehensive financial information to help them make informed personal finance decisions. We strive to ensure that our content is reliable, transparent and up to date. To maintain our high editorial standards, we have established the following guidelines for our editorial team.

About Savvy

Savvy is an organisation based in Australia offering people from all around the country the opportunity to make informed personal finance decisions based on our comprehensive comparison tools.

Founded in 2010, we started out as an online broker specialising in asset finance before branching out into a full comparison service as we identified a greater need for a quality assessment of different products. Our growth was recognised by the BRW, who named Savvy in the Fast 100 as one of the fastest-growing companies in Australia.

We are an independent organisation, allowing us to provide comprehensive and objective information to our readers without any fear of compromised analysis.

Core principles

Savvy’s core purpose is:

To help consumers make ‘Savvy’ decisions by simplifying the complicated process of comparing and buying products.

To achieve this purpose, we maintain the following principles in our writing:

  • Our content is written for Australians of all economic backgrounds and is designed to be useful for whoever may be reading it.
  • If a reader searches for a particular topic and reads our article, they’re entitled to content which is accurate and objective.
  • All our content is impartial and designed to inform and empower readers to take positive financial steps in their lives.

Accuracy and objectivity

Accuracy is the cornerstone of our editorial process and we are committed to providing our users with information which is factually correct. We ensure the accuracy of our content by conducting thorough research throughout the writing process. This involves obtaining information and statistics from reputable sources such as government websites, financial institutions and industry experts. All content is reviewed by our editorial team before publication.

Objectivity is equally important to us. We strive to present information in an unbiased manner without favouring any particular financial product or service. Our editorial team does not receive any compensation or other incentives for writing a positive review or analysis of a particular organisation, either from us or from financial institutions we may be writing about.

Editorial independence

Our editorial team operates with complete independence from the rest of the organisation and is not influenced by the advertising or business interests of Savvy or its partners. They are responsible for creating, reviewing and updating all content on our website. This also involves revisiting existing content to ensure it doesn’t fall out of date or lose its relevance to a reader today.

Transparency and disclosure

We believe in transparency and disclosure. When obtaining facts and figures from external sources, we clearly indicate the sources of our information and provide the necessary context for our users to understand the significance of the information we provide.

If Savvy or any of our partners have a financial relationship with a product or service provider, we disclose this relationship to our users in the disclaimer on a page where it has been mentioned.

Editorial review process

Our editorial review process ensures that our content is accurate, up-to-date and useful for our users. All content is reviewed by our editorial team before publication, verifying all facts, figures and other information using reputable sources.

We ensure that our content is written in a clear and concise manner, free from jargon or technical terms that may be difficult for our users to understand. We also ensure that our content is relevant and timely, reflecting the latest developments in the financial industry.

The role of our partners

Savvy generates revenue through partnerships with financial product and service providers. These partnerships are always disclosed on pages where this information is relevant for the reader to be aware of. Our editorial team has no involvement in the creation or placement of advertisements which may appear on our website.

User feedback

We value user feedback and welcome suggestions for improving our content. Our editorial team reviews all user feedback and takes appropriate action to address any issues raised. We encourage users to provide feedback on our content and website functionality.

If you believe our editorial standards have not been upheld, you can contact us at [email protected] or [email protected]. Once we receive your complaint, we will get in touch to confirm the receipt and, if the content in question requires adjustment, we will swiftly do one of the following:

  • Update the published content to reflect a more suitable tone, direction or information.
  • Remove the page in question from our website if deemed a serious enough violation of our standards.

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