About Us

Savvy is your one stop financial partner for range of products such as car loans, bike loans, marine and much more.

Savvy’s humble beginnings

Founded in 2010, Savvy had a singular vision: to bring Australians the best automotive and home finance and insurance solutions from all over the market using the latest in technology. Through determination and hard work, Savvy has gathered a team of experts and made valuable connections to financiers, banks and lenders all over Australia to provide the best finance and insurance deals in Australia.

Compare and save

Savvy has access to over 25 reputable lenders fighting for your business. We strive to broker the best deals for people who might not have the best credit, so they can get a second chance at finance. We equip you with all the information you need to make the most profitable financial decision. You can see for yourself using our online system. It’s not only quick, but one of the easiest to use.

Our financial professionals

Savvy prides itself on giving customers the best financial advice and service in Australia. From no-obligation quotes to assisted online approvals, our financial professionals are friendly, knowledgeable and help you find all kinds of finance for your vehicle, home and personal. Our consultants are dedicated to helping customers find the best deals from our extensive network of financiers and lenders.

We focus on your bottom line

Whether its car finance, insurance, finance for business or home, we are always looking to improve your bottom line. We know we can secure the best finance rates and the lowest insurance premiums for you. We also know how to broker the best terms and lower repayments that save you in the short-term and throughout the life of your loan. We give customers peace of mind that they are getting the best possible deal on the market.

A national brand now and into the future

Since 2010 we’ve strived for excellence and expanded our brand to cover even more than just car finance. We now offer insurance, truck finance, aviation finance, equipment finance, home loans and a range of financial products that Australians have come to trust as the best. Our customers have placed their faith in our honesty, integrity and understanding time and again.

Think finance, think Savvy

When it’s time for finance, think Savvy. Our network of financial professionals is your guide to navigating finance and insurance. We make sure all of our customers get unparalleled Savvy silver service. We give our full and complete attention to all our customers, whether they’re looking for no-obligation free quotes, insurance or finance. We strive for 100% satisfaction, guaranteed.

Brands you can trust

We are accredited with the most reputable lenders and insurers in Australia giving you a fair choice to compare