How We Make Money

Savvy’s online comparison service is 100% free for anyone to use; we’re committed to helping Australians access the information and options they need to make savvy financial choices. There are several ways that we as a business make money:

Referral fees

When you click on a link to fill out a form or are redirected to a third-party website from our site, Savvy may receive a commission. This payment arrangement varies between partners, with some paying us for click-throughs and others reserving commissions for lead conversions (a product purchase or sign-up). Our partners make this payment to us, so there’s no need for you to pay us directly during the application or approval processes.

Broker commissions and fees

The way we’re paid for asset finance leads and conversions is different from how we receive money from other companies compared on our site.

Savvy and/or its employees, or Directors, may receive commissions from a credit provider, where we have provided credit assistance to the applicant. These commissions are not fees payable by you. This commission may be between 0.00% and 15.00% of the amount financed under a credit contract where Savvy has provided credit assistance. We may also receive incentives or volume bonuses from credit providers. This bonus is usually between 0% and 1% of the amount financed.

Additionally, we may charge asset finance customers an origination fee as part of our service, which is capitalised onto their loan amount. This fee is only payable in instances where you settle a loan with one of our lending partners.

For more information about how we make money on our asset finance deals, you can read our credit guide.

Editorial independence

The commissions we receive do not affect the content written on our website. Our editorial team maintains complete independence from the rest of our organisation and aren’t influenced by our business interests, so the content we produce remains impartial and objective. For more information about how our writing team operates, you can read our editorial guidelines.

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