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We’ve partnered with Econnex to bring you a range of mobile phone plans to help you compare them.

With so many mobile phone plans on the market, finding the right one for you can prove difficult. You can choose from budget or bigger providers, with each offering different plans and features to assist you. Everyone has different preferences and budgets when it comes to mobile phone plans, but you’ll be able to find one which caters to those needs. Read more about mobile phone plans and how you can compare the best options on the market here.

What different types of mobile phone plans can I choose from?

There are two types of mobile phone plans: phone plans and SIM-only plans. Both of these serve different purposes and come at very different costs.

Phone plans

  • Phone plans provide a mobile phone and a SIM card to accompany it. If you’re looking out for a new phone and don’t have the money to buy a new phone outright, a phone plan could be the best choice for you. Phone plans are paid for monthly and can be a part of a 12, 24 or 36-month contract. Your monthly bills under a phone plan will cover the cost of the handset and a SIM card. Therefore, it’s more expensive than a SIM-only plan, which only charges for use of the SIM card.
  • Phone plans will allow you to get the benefit of a new phone bundled with a SIM plan of your choice under one package. Often, you can get promotions under phone plans to entice you to a certain provider and add value to your plan. This could mean data-free music or video streaming or bonus data. Phone plans will, however, tie you into a contract and, if you want to leave it prior to its end date, you could be forced to pay out your plan or pay a cancellation fee.

SIM-only plans

  • SIM-only plans consist of only a SIM card and will require the payment of a monthly bill at the beginning or end of each month. SIM-only plans cover calls, text, data and can often include an international roaming allowance. To take advantage of a SIM-only plan, you’ll need to already own your phone. If you don’t currently own a mobile phone, you will have to buy one outright which is very expensive as an upfront payment.
  • In addition, you can choose no-contract SIM-only plans for the ultimate flexibility. This will make sure you’re not tied down and have the option to change your SIM-only plan from month to month to ensure you can get the best price or value available. If you’re after a SIM-only plan on a budget, there are plans available for as cheap as $10 per month. If money isn’t a concern and you’re looking to get as much out of your SIM-only plan as possible, there are extensive options such as unlimited data plans which could suit your needs.
  • Depending on the type of phone you bring to your plan, a SIM-only plan may mean you won’t get access to 5G coverage if you’re using an old phone. This will mean you are still limited to 4G or 3G coverage and the slower download speeds. These plans are also unsuitable to those without prior access to a mobile phone, limiting their scope if you’re looking for a new one.

Within mobile phone plans, there are also prepaid or post-paid plans which dictate your payment frequency and the cost of your plan.

Prepaid plans

  • If you take out a prepaid phone plan, you will be making a payment on your mobile phone service upfront at the start of each month. When your prepaid plan’s data or phone credit has run out or expired, you must recharge. Prepaid phone plans typically run for periods of 28 or 30 days. If you’re on a strict budget, prepaid SIM-only plans may be the best cheap mobile phone to suit you. 

Post-paid plans

  • Post-paid plans will allow you to pay for your mobile phone plan at the end of every month. In contrast to prepaid plans, any excess usage of data or other phone features are allowed but will be added to your monthly bill. This can result in you paying far more than you expected if you incur fees for going over your data or international roaming limit or exceeding any other phone usage limit within your plan.

What are some of the main features on mobile phone plans?

The features on your mobile phone plan will vary based on your provider and the type of plan you choose.

Common features found in mobile phone plans can include:

Feature Explained
Unlimited calls and texts
It’s important that you prioritise unlimited calls and texts as a base for any mobile phone plan you’re considering if you value your phone’s functionality in this respect. Fortunately, you’ll find that almost every plan offers unlimited calls and texts nowadays, but you should still keep your eye out in case you come across plans that don’t.
Most mobile phone plans offer data at varying limits, while some may even offer unlimited data. Usually, the more expensive your plan, the more data is included. While you should strive to get a plan with a comfortable data limit, don’t pay for more than you need. For example, you shouldn’t pay extra for a plan with 50GB of data if you only usually use 20GB. Instead, try to find a good balance with a plan which meets your data needs and ensures you won’t go over the limit.
International roaming
Many mobile phone plans will provide international roaming, but it may be limited depending on your provider. This will allow you to make calls, message, browse the internet and make downloads whilst overseas, free of additional charges until your limit is reached. If you regularly take advantage of international roaming, more expensive mobile phone plans tend to have the highest limits. Make sure you’re aware of your limits so you don’t get a shock when you receive your next phone bill.
Entertainment inclusions
Many providers will include entertainment subscriptions as part of your plan. This could include free music and video streaming, as well as subscriptions to other entertainment services. These inclusions are usually only offered in more expensive plans.

How much do mobile phone plans cost?

Your mobile phone plan could cost as little as $10 per month or as much as $150 per month depending on the type of mobile phone plan you choose.

Phone plans are the most expensive option and can comfortably add $50 per month to your mobile phone bill. SIM-only plans are the cheapest option and the best choice if you already have a reliable phone and are on a budget.

In addition to the type of mobile phone plan chosen, the features of your plan will contribute to your monthly cost.   

This includes:

  • Data – the higher your plan’s data limit, the more expensive your plan will be. If you’re looking to save on your mobile phone plan, opt for a plan with limited data and use free Wi-Fi whenever possible.
  • International calls and roaming – many mobile phone plans offer an international call and roaming limit. This could increase the cost of your plan, especially if you have a high limit. If you know you won’t be travelling overseas or making international phone calls anytime soon, it’s smart to choose a plan without international calls or roaming to save money.
  • Added extras – if you’re mobile phone plan contains added extras, it will often be more expensive. These extras include free subscriptions to music or video streaming services, and bonus data deals which make your mobile phone plan appear to be better value but may actually be unnecessary.

How do I compare mobile phone plans?

Top tips for saving money on your phone plan

If you live in the country, make sure you’re taking out a mobile phone plan with extensive coverage

If you’re living in the country or regularly travel to rural areas, it can often mean a lack of mobile phone coverage if you’re not with the right provider. Larger premium providers offer the most wide-ranging coverage and give you the best chance of making calls, texts or using data in rural parts of Australia. This will give you the best chance of mobile phone reception no matter where you go, as smaller providers’ use of leftover network capacity can lead to less reliable coverage.

If you’re buying mobile phone plans for your work or your own employees, buy a business mobile plan

Business mobile plans can be work-dedicated and help you separate your personal life from your business. If you wish to purchase mobile phone plans for your workers, you can have business customer support and pool your employees’ data under one account.

Look for specials and discounts offered by mobile phone plan providers

Mobile providers will strive to gain and retain your business. If you’re looking for a new mobile phone plan, keep an eye out for special discounts on plans, bonus extras or bonus data. It’s worthwhile contacting a provider to find out what’s on offer. If you’re considering leaving your current provider, inform them of your decision and they may offer you a better deal to retain you as a customer so you can get a cheap mobile phone plan.

If you’re purchasing a pre-paid phone plan, choose one which expires after 30 days

When taking out a pre-paid phone plan, your options will include 28 or 30-day plans. If you take out a 28-day plan, you will have 13 monthly payments across the year. Instead, take out a 30-day plan which will require only 12 monthly payments and save you money.

Frequently asked questions about mobile phone plans

Who is the best mobile phone plan provider?

The best mobile phone provider will depend on your own individual and financial needs. If you’re on a budget, consider a mobile phone plan with a budget provider to get cheap deals which still contain great value in terms of unlimited texts and calls as well as suitable data limits. If you’re more concerned about consistent phone coverage or better-quality customer service without any issues, larger premium providers may be the best option for you.

If I go over my data limit on my mobile phone plan, what will happen?

This will depend on your provider and plan. You may be able to continue to use data but be charged extra come your next bill. However, these data charges could be as much as $10 per GB and they can build up quickly. Alternatively, your provider may continue to let you use data but limit your download speed to 1.5Mbps which can prove frustrating.

If I still have data left over, can it be added to my next month’s data limit?

Yes – a feature called data rollover means your unused data can roll over into your next month’s plan, which will ensure that you’re never short of data. However, it’s not offered by all providers or all plans.

If I change mobile phone plan providers, can I still keep the same number?

Yes – it is somewhat of a misconception that if you change your provider, you won’t be able to keep you number. There are laws in place which ensure that if you change your provider, you can still retain your mobile phone number.

Is it still possible to take out a mobile phone plan with bad credit?

Yes – even if you have bad credit, you can still take out a mobile phone plan. You won’t require a credit check if you’re buying a SIM card. In addition, if you’re opting for a prepaid plan, no credit check is needed, as you’re paying for the service upfront. However, if you’re taking out an expensive post-paid plan with a phone and SIM card included, your provider will likely run credit checks to ensure you can meet the required repayments.


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