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Cost-effective Ducati finance options

Ducati brings Italian style to the road with a range of stunning motorcycles. Two wheels never looked so good, and if you appreciate performance, you’ll love what these bikes can do. Before you buy, it’s a great idea to know about all your Ducati finance options – and Savvy has got you covered. Before you do anything else, find out what you need to know and how to go about getting the best deal available.

How Savvy helps Australian bikers save

The more Ducati finance options you can get, the better. If you’re to get cost-effective, convenient motorcycle finance, you need three things. A good choice of lenders – all competing to get your business. A broad range of products tailored for motorbike users. And a fast, efficient application process designed to get you on the road with as little fuss as possible. Savvy brings you all three things. Get a free, no-obligation quote today!

How do secured motorbike loans work?

Secured bike loans are the ideal finance choice for thousands of Australians. Interest rates are fixed for the entire loan term, making them easy to plan for, plus they’re lower because the lender uses your new Ducati as security. You can repay a secured bike loan over anything from one to seven years and you can opt for a deposit or trade-in, or choose 100% motorcycle finance.

Lenders check your income and employment details, plus your credit report – then they decide what you can borrow and how much interest to charge. Once your loan gets approved, specialist bike lenders transfer funds directly to the motorcycle vendor, and that can be a private seller or a dealership.

Why use a bike finance broker like Savvy?

Applying for motorcycle finance online via Savvy has several advantages. We partner with a wide variety of lenders dealing in a vast range of vehicles and assets, including motorcycles. By having one of our trusted loan consultants surveying our lender panel on your behalf, you could potentially receive even lower rates and experience smoother qualification. Because we deal with so many credit providers, it creates more competition than if you just settle for bank or dealership finance.

Savvy helps Australians by matching their requirements with lenders. That means we’ll assess your situation and present offers and products that best suit what you need and can afford. We know the leisure sector, have exciting relationships with leading financiers lenders and we’ll go the extra mile to get you on the road quicker.

Ducati brand history

The History of Ducati 

Ducati sprang to life from the ashes of post-war Rome. World War II took a heavy toll on Italy, and the country needed a way to get moving once hostilities and occupation had ended. An economic boom was on the way, and in the fifties, Italy embarked on something of a manufacturing revolution.  

The First Ducati Bikes 

The first motorcycles produced were more like bicycles with small engines attached as an afterthought. The Ducati Cucciolo became one of an army of economical motorised two-wheel vehicles transporting Italians to jobs in factories – and the culture stuck. The two-horsepower Ducati 60 followed – a bike light enough to be kept inside to prevent theft. 

Ducati: Going Global 

Street races organised in city streets provided entertainment and drove research to build faster bikes. In 1957, Ducati launched the famous 175T – a single-cylinder motorcycle built for longer journeys and reliability.

The Tourismo would go on to complete a round-the-world trip the following year, and Ducati was on the global map. 

Ducati Racing Pedigree 

The '70s, '80s and '90s were a blur of fast bikes and racetrack victories for the Italian manufacturer. Legendary motorcycles like the four-cylinder 750 Supersport Desmo and twin-cylinder Pantah 500 came and went. 

21st Century Ducati 

Ducati roared into a new century with the launch of the awesome Desmosedici for MotoGP. In 2006, a street-going version was launched. The Desmosedici RR remains highly collectable to this day. In the present, Ducati is still producing bikes which will long be remembered and discussed.

The Multistrada 1260 offers everything a rider needs in one bike, while fun motorcycles like the Hypermotard 950 RVE keep up an ingrained Ducati enthusiasm for adventure. 

Why riders turn to Savvy to find Ducati finance options

What you need to know when comparing Ducati finance

Choose a lender to suit your budget

First, make sure the lender you're considering offers the amount you need to borrow in order to buy the Ducati you've chosen. Getting pre-approved for finance is a great way to make sure you're in a position to act when the right bike appears.

Check the available finance term

Secured bike loans offer fixed rates, but check that the lender can provide repayment terms to suit your budget. Options usually range from one to five years, and the length of your loan will dictate the monthly cost, but longer terms are also more expensive. Savvy will take your preferences into account and try to match you with a lender who offers the terms you need.

Secured rates are usually lower

Always choose a secured loan. That's because using your motorcycle as collateral reduces the interest rate – and that means your Ducati finance will cost less in the long run. Getting a secured loan brings financial benefits, and it really doesn't cost a cent, so it's well worth avoiding unsecured finance.

Get the best interest rate out there

Most loan providers offer a lower rate for newer bikes – and they'll also have age limits which apply to the motorcycle at the end of the loan term.  Other factors, like your length of employment and credit history, also affect the rate you pay.

Fees can add up to a lot

Look out for loan fees. Some lenders charge monthly or annual account maintenance fees – and they can add up over the course of a three or even five-year loan term. Use Savvy to compare Ducati finance options' apples for apples.' Comparison rates incorporate all fees into an easy-to-read interest rate. It's the best way to shop for any form of credit. 

Check for additional charges

Fees can also extend to extra repayments during the loan term. Some lenders will charge more if your circumstances change during the agreement and you want to either end the loan early or pay off chunks of what you borrowed to reduce the cost and length of the deal.

Still have questions on your Ducati finance?

How much can I borrow?

That’s up to you in terms of the cost of the bike, because Savvy can source 100% motorcycle finance. Your borrowing limit is set according to your credit history, income, and how much you spend on other loans and expenses each month.

Can I use finance to buy a Ducati with bad credit?

Savvy works with many lenders who will consider applications from borrowers with less-than-ideal credit history. It’s likely you’ll pay a slightly higher interest rate for bad credit bike finance, but you won’t be automatically excluded from buying your dream Ducati!

I’m self-employed, what are my Ducati finance options?

Self-employed riders can choose from a range of lease and loan options. Chattel mortgages are essentially the commercial version of a secured bike loan, and they present some great tax and GST advantages.

How does a website like Savvy help?

We partner with dozens of specialist bike lenders, giving us more options when it comes to matching you with the best Ducati finance options for your needs and circumstances – and that means potentially lower costs!

What affects my interest rate?

There are several factors which can impact your interest rate, such as your borrowing history, credit score, the age and condition of your bike, your employment history and overall financial situation.

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