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Dreaming of owning a boat? Perhaps you want to experience the open road, camping in a caravan? Perhaps carving through the wind on a motorbike gets your heart racing? Don’t dream – Do – with competitive and affordable loans for all types of leisure vehicles.

Savvy offers a complete range of leisure financing solutions to suit all needs. We have helped dozens of Australians experience the best of this great country – whether it’s on the water with a jet ski or on the road with a camper trailer – with an affordable and competitive leisure craft loan.

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Savvy knows leisure finance. Our team of consultants scour the market for the best deals on leisure finance – finance packages designed specifically for RVs, caravans, boats, motorbikes, camper trailers and everything recreational.

Speak to one of your personal consultants today for answers to all your leisure finance questions. With decades of experience in leisure finance, you can rest assured you’re getting expert guidance through the entire process. Just curious? Contact us today. There’s no obligation to apply.

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Have questions about leisure finance?

Can I find out how much I can spend?

Yes – you can use our online loan calculator to find out a rough estimate of how much a loan will cost long-term and with each repayment. It’s free to use and there’s no obligation to apply.

What about loans for a jet ski? Or a recreational vehicle?

Savvy finances all types of leisure craft. If it floats or drives, we have a loan product that will suit your situation and budget.

Do you offer business loans?

Yes! We have a range of loan options for businesses, including chattel mortgages and hire purchase options.

Can I get leisure finance if I have bad credit?

Yes! Savvy helps people with bad credit find a competitive leisure finance loan. 9 out of 10 applicants are approved!

I want to buy a boat or caravan from a private seller – can I still apply?

Yes! Savvy specialises in financing boats, jet skis, caravans, and motorbikes bought in private sales.

I want to talk to someone, is that possible?

Yes! Our financial professionals are here to help. Call us on 1300 974 066 to get your leisure finance process started.

Do you offer insurance?

Yes! Savvy is also one of Australia’s leading leisure insurance brokers. Ask your financial professional for details.

I’ve found my perfect craft – can I get pre-approval?

Yes! We offer pre-approval so you can start your leisure craft purchase the right way.

I’m self-employed, can I get approved for a leisure finance loan?

Yes! We help the self-employed, entrepreneurs, and even retirees find leisure finance loans that suit their needs.

What type of leisure craft should I choose?

That’s a question we can’t answer! Check out one of our helpful guides on finding the best leisure craft in our blog.

Read our helpful leisure finance guides

Should I buy a new or used caravan?

If you’re in the market for a caravan, there are several aspects you need to keep in mind. One of the more important questions is do you buy a new caravan or a used one? Buying used is often the go-to choice for many holidaymakers, since they are usually cheaper. Older caravans may not have all the creature comforts of newer models. If you are willing to sacrifice them for your budget, you can still have a great holiday every time. Newer caravans may be expensive, but will last much longer. They will also have higher resale value if you decide to upgrade.

What motorbike should you buy?

The motorbike you purchase must go through a few rounds of questioning before you settle on a type. A chopper might be great for an occasional cruise, but a wrong choice for commuting. You should ask yourself how experienced you are as a rider, and if your licence is open to buy a higher-powered bike. You should also look at your budget – how much can you spend? Once you know that, you can look at engines and chassis that suit your lifestyle. This gives you a shortlist to start looking.

Your to-do list before applying for a leisure loan

Before applying for a leisure vehicle loan, whether it’s a boat, motorcycle, jet-ski or caravan, you need to do your homework first. Before you apply, you need to ask three pressing questions. What is your budget? What are your main sources of income? What does your credit history say about you? This all shows a prospective lender that you are a low risk. You should also get payslips and residential histories together to further prove you are in good financial standing. This can save you a lot on a leisure finance loan interest rates.

Boat – better to lease or buy?

Many people believe boats are too expensive to buy and opt to lease a boat instead. But what is better – to lease, or to buy? The answer is different according to your preferences and situation. Leasing means, you are renting the boat from a financier. This means lower upfront costs, repayments and even maintenance costs. However, at the end of the term, you must hand the boat back. Boat ownership gives you more options – you can rent it out to others, for example. But you must take on all the costs associated such as maintenance and insurance.