5 compelling reasons to buy a camper trailer

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, updated on August 23rd, 2023       

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When it comes to exploring our own nation, Aussies do not shy away from dusting off their camper trailers to take on our beautiful landscape. With 21,841 recreational vehicles that were manufactured last year, which was the second largest year of manufacturing, there are more than one reasons as to why investing in a camper trailer is the way to go.

It is a convenient form of holidaying on the cheap

Imagine paying one price for a holiday that can span over 10+ years? It sounds crazy right! However, if you purchase a camper trailer that has a warranty that spans ten years it will be the longest holiday you can ever invest in. Statistics released by the Caravan Industry showed that Australians took full advantage of this by making 11. 7 million trips, spending 51.6 million nights in total when it came to using their camper trailers and caravans to explore the great outback.

With the additional interest from international caravan campers, as a whole, an estimated 1.8 billion was generated in revenue. Furthermore, the industry is expected to rise at 0.7% from 2017- 2018 generating an estimated $2.0 billion.

Perfect for families

Keeping a family entertained can be costly. Taking them on an overseas holiday, or eating out can have you fainting once you see the bill you have to foot. According to a survey by Money Smart that looks at the spending habits of Australians, it found that Australians forked out an average $32 to have meals in restaurants and $52 on holidays. A week! Don’t forget that you will have to tally in the cost of accommodation. This cost increase depending on the number of people you have in your family. However, in a camper trailer you can buy food that is nutritious and easy to prepare. It also won’t burn a hole in your wallet.

It is cheaper than a caravan

The cost of a caravan can range from $10,000 to 100,000. Camper trailers are generally cheaper. You can even find a cheap used camper trailer at $5,500. The trick is to search and compare values before buying it. If time is not on your side you can always speak to your leisure loan lender to who can also double up as search master as they already know the industry, and what you are looking for to match your budget.

Lighter to tow

Camper trailers are compact and light giving you more viewing space from the driver’s seat to the rear. They also aren’t as heavy as caravans which will make for easy towing.

All natural

Most people use a camper trailer to explore the celestial beauty of nature. A camper trailer can make you feel like you are literally camping with the skies as your roof and the natural surrounding as your walls, with the protection against mozzies (Mosquitos). What better way to get closer to nature than with a camper trailer that offers an open canvas roofing and sides that are open to allow natural air in.

Because you will be in a natural surrounding and might have unexpected guests such as rouge kangaroo stopping for dinner, but never got the memo that you should use the door and not the window, it’s best to get insured. Insure your camper trailer with a leisure loan that will make you spend less time jumping through hoops, and more time enjoying your trip.

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