3 must have’s technologies for the first-time caravan camper

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, updated on August 23rd, 2023       

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Caravanning is one of Australia’s well known pass times, as it opens roads to explore Australia in all its natural beauty. A total of 11.8 million caravanning and camping trips were undertaken by Australians, with people aged 30 – 54 making up the majority. If you are a first-time caravan camper who is not yet open to the idea of totally letting go of technology, we have a few gadgets that can make caravanning more convenient. If you need that extra source of power to help you keep in touch with business while away, or just to stay on the social media end so everyone can know how much of a great time you are having here are three must have gadgets.

Can a family get loose?

The Caravan Industry Association of Australia recent data shows that 77% of the market undertake travelling, caravanning, and camping, over the holiday which is convenient for family trips over the holidays. Technological savvy gadgets can be life saving for the whole family, especially teens who might not depart from their cell phones. The FKANT Solar charger, could be considered as the mother of all power banks. A battery of 15,000 mAh that delivers up to 10-12 charging hours they have one less worry of their phone running out of juice. It takes an hour to completely charge any smartphone device, so you don’t have to worry about not getting any juice on your own for.

Take your music anywhere

Music is an integral part of any road trip. Especially when the distance is far. To keep everyone entertained you can invest in a water-resistant Bluetooth speaker that come in many shapes, sizes and colours. With Bluetooth speakers such as the JBL Flip 4 you could throw yourself an underwater party under six feet of water for half an hour. For the ultimate romance package, you could have your sweet tunes playing while you dance in the rain. Cue the music from The Notebook please.

I see fire

If lighting a fire to cook a meal may not be your thing, it’s ok. But if you don’t want to carry a chunky stove that takes up too much space, then the light and portable Etekcity Ultralight mini stove is for you. Know you can turn on your inner Gordon Ramsey in the great outback, by producing gourmet meals. The joys of having this nifty baby is that it is its lightweight and portable design that can fit into any bag making you a happy camper. The bonus with this one is that it also comes with a carry case enhanced portability.

There plenty more gadgets that we could rattle off to you to help making your caravanning experience all the better. However, one essential thing before you hit the road is to ensure that your caravan is insured, and that your life insurance is also intact in case your loved one’s adventurous cooking that they wanted to test on you doesn’t go well. Not that we would wish such upon you, but its better safe than sorry.

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