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, updated on August 8th, 2023       

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There are many charges to take into account when calculating how much it’ll cost to sell your property.  The list of expenses can be quite long, so it’s easy to lose track of everything.  That’s why Savvy has made it easy for you with this simple-to-use property selling cost calculator, which can help you work out how much it may cost to sell your home.

This home selling cost calculator can also be used as a handy check-list so you’re aware of the true cost of selling a house and don’t get hit by any unpleasant surprises.

Work out the cost of selling your house with our calculator

How do I use the house sale cost calculator?

Using Savvy’s house selling calculator for property in Australia is simple and effective. First of all, enter the sale price of your property, followed by any other costs you know the value of.   Make sure you check whether GST is included in your real estate agent’s fees, which it normally would be, and click either the yes or no green button to confirm GST inclusion.

Your lender will be able to tell you if any loan early exit fees will apply to you, and whether there’ll be any settlement fees, which can be in the range of $100 to $300.  Any early exit fees from a fixed term loan will depend on the loan term remaining, but could cost thousands of dollars.  For example, if you break a fixed rate loan that still has three years to run, it will cost you far more than if you’ve just got a few months of your loan term remaining. These costs don’t apply to variable rate home loans.

You can look up the cost of the government mortgage discharge fee which applies in your state, but it will normally range between $275 and $325.  Allow between $1,500 and $3,500 for your furniture removalists, depending on how much furniture you have to move and how far you’re moving.

If you don’t know the exact amounts for some items, enter approximate figures into the cost of selling a house calculator, so it’s able to calculate a ballpark figure representing the cost of selling your home.

What real estate agent fees do I include in the home selling cost calculator?

The amount that real estate agents charge varies considerably around the country and is driven by supply and demand, which is why it’s important to know these costs when using a house selling calculator in Australia.  The more real estate agents there are in an area, the lower their fees and charges tend to be.  Costs also vary from state to state and between country and city areas.

Across Australia, real estate agent commissions range from around 1.6% to 3.5% of the final sale price. Commission rates tend to be lower in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra as property prices tend to be higher in the capital cities. The Northern Territory and Tasmania have historically had the highest real estate agent costs, and in Queensland a standard charge tends to be applied, which is a commission of 5% on the first $18,000 of a property’s price and 2.5% commission on the remainder.

Real estate advertising and marketing costs

In addition to real estate agent commission fees, there will also be advertising and marketing costs for your property.  These range from the price of erecting a ‘For Sale’ signboard outside your home to online listing costs on popular real estate websites.

A ‘For Sale’ sign will cost between $150 and $265 depending on the size you choose and online listing on popular real estate websites will add between $1,500 and $2,500 to your sale costs, again depending on where you live and the prices that apply in your state.

There will also be costs for producing brochures and flyers to advertise your house.  Expect to pay anywhere from $800 to $2,800 overall for advertising and marketing costs to sell your house, which will be inputted in our house sale cost calculator.

What additional charges could there be if I sell my house?

Here are some of your frequently asked questions about selling a property

Does the cost of selling a house increase the longer the sale process goes on?

No – real estate agents are not usually paid on a time-based scale.  The average time to sell a house in Australia is around 30 days, with settlement periods ranging from 30 to 120 days.

Does capital gains tax apply to all house sales?

No – if your home has been your primary place of residence, you aren’t required to pay capital gains tax.  However, you are eligible to pay CGT if you sell your investment property and make a capital gain on your investment.  You’re taxed on 50% of your capital gain at your normal income tax bracket rate.

Will the cost of selling my property change if it’s an apartment or unit?

Yes – there may be additional sales costs if you’re selling an apartment or unit which is part of a larger building, housing complex or apartment block.  Your unit may have a strata title, which means you own the actual apartment, but share communal areas such as foyers, stairways, lifts, gardens and swimming pools with multiple other part-owners.

Do I get any refund on the annual emergency services levy I paid just before I sold my house?

Yes – your conveyancer will investigate all such annual charges in relation to your property and make adjustments so you only pay for the days you owned the house.  For example, if you’ve just paid your annual emergency services levy for a 12-month period and you sell your house one month later, you’ll receive a refund for the remaining 11 months you paid.

Do I have to arrange water disconnection when I sell my house?

No – water is not actually disconnected to a property under normal circumstances if a house is sold.  Your conveyancer will work out exactly how much water supply and usage costs you’re responsible for and show the amount you’ve either paid or been refunded on your settlement statement.

When should I arrange cancellation of my house insurance when I sell my house?

You’re liable for insuring your home and contents up to and including the day of settlement.  Once property settlement takes place, the house officially belongs to the buyer and it becomes the buyer’s responsibility to insure the property. There are no fees involved in cancelling your house insurance.

Do utility providers charge to disconnect electricity and gas?

Yes – there’s usually a small disconnection fee for electricity and gas supplied to your home.  These fees are usually under $30, depending on which state you live in and which utility provider supplies your gas and electricity.

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