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Getting the right outboard is an important part of boating. Compare a range of boat finance deals for your Yamaha with Savvy.

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, updated on August 24th, 2023       

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Find the best Yamaha boat finance

Getting the right motor for your boat is easy with Yamaha. The Japanese manufacturer produces a range of both four-stroke and two-stroke outboards. Reliability and engineering excellence mean Yamaha is a great choice, but what are your Yamaha boat finance options? The good news is, here at Savvy, we can help you access a whole host of methods to finance your new motor or even to upgrade your existing boat.

Fast approvals for your Yamaha boat loan

We're partnered with a wide range of lenders. That makes it plain sailing to find, weigh up, and arrange a loan for any leisure purpose. Applications are fast, and you can get everything done using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. You can even arrange a loan from the comfort of your boat! With Savvy, it’s easy to find the best finance offers available through our lender panel, so you can start with a free-no-obligation quote today!

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Yamaha boat loans explained

How do I arrange a loan online via Savvy?

That’s the easy part. Applications for secured boat loans are rapid. If your old boat motor just went kaput, there’s no need to be out of the water for very long. Simply pick up a smartphone or laptop and get in touch with one of our expert leisure finance consultants. We’ll ask you a bit about yourself and get you to upload a selection of documents so we can figure out your income and spending and verify your identity, then we’ll get to work finding your ideal finance solutions.  

Applying is fast. You’ll fill out a quick online application form, and when your loan gets approved, the lender will send funds straight to the seller you’re dealing with – be that a dealership or a private vendor. 

How does marine finance via Savvy work?

Boat finance generally comes in the form of a secured loan – whether that’s for business or personal use. Because you’ll be buying a tangible asset – in this case, an outboard motor – it makes sense to use that as security against your borrowing because that lowers the lender’s risk and brings down the interest rate. If you were to use a personal loan, for instance, your loan would cost significantly more. 

Personal secured boat loans are in a bracket of products called leisure finance. They work pretty much exactly like secured car loans, so you can spread repayments over anything from one to seven years (although five is the most common term length). You can usually use a deposit or trade-in engine when you use boat finance. That’s because you’ll be doing your borrowing independently to where you buy your motor, so you’re free to negotiate the best deal any way you can. With a secured marine loan, you can also purchase new or second-hand outboards. 

Yamaha’s range of outboard motors packs some punch

Yahama Outboard Motors 

Yamaha produces a motor no matter what type of boating you tend to do. If you need something punchy for the runabout or pacey for open water, no worries – there are a range of two and four-stroke engines for every vessel. 

Yamaha Four-stroke – the F130 

Yamaha’s lightweight but powerful boat engines are everywhere. The F130 has everything you’d want in a mid-range motor and gets up to speed fast. It’s responsive and efficient while being highly controllable. This 1832cc, 16-valve set up features a double overhead camshaft, and an 81mm cylinder bore allows for excellent torque. Skippers who like to catch fish will love this motor for its Variable Trolling Control. You can set the throttle at 50rpm intervals between 600 and 1000rpm – meaning you can present that lure exactly how you want to. 

Yamaha Two-stroke – the 30H 

If you’re after a brilliant two-stroke motor, the 30H is very light yet well able to deliver the power when you need it. The motor itself keeps everything simple. It’s a 496cc unit running a 100:1 fuel to oil ratio that’s going to prolong the life of this engine and make for less carbon build-up. The attention to corrosion protection here is a testament to Yamaha’s commitment to longevity and value. You won’t go too far wrong with this engine, and a three-year warranty backs that up. This motor also comes with a shallow water drive feature – which allows the unit to operate smoothly on a tilt, for when you’re chasing those fish in the shallows. It also comes in mighty handy when you want to park up on the beach.  

Why Australians find Yamaha boat finance via Savvy 

Some of the best ways to finance your Yamaha boat

Secured boat loans

The biggest advantage of a secured boat loan via Savvy is that you get a massive choice of lenders – and they all want your business. Competition means lower rates, which equals a better deal. You can also get your funds arranged in advance by getting pre-approved for boat finance before going shopping for the fun stuff. Secured loans mean less risk for lenders, and with finance arranged in advance, you can haggle only on the cost of your motor and get a great deal.  

Why you should avoid dealership finance

One of the most significant drawbacks of just opting to take out finance at the dealership is that you limit your choice of lenders dramatically. In fact, it’s not unusual for an authorised dealership to partner with a single finance provider. That means you also narrow down your choice of finance products significantly – which isn’t great. For instance, you can be offered a great deal on finance but pay more for the motor. Likewise, you can negotiate a seemingly brilliant price on the engine but be paying over the odds for the interest rate on the loan.

Boat loans for self-employed or business owners 

If you’re looking for boat finance and you run a business, Savvy has a range of options and solutions to save you time and money. One of our most popular commercial products is a chattel mortgage. That’s the business equivalent of a secured boat loan, but it comes with business-specific tax and GST advantages. You own the boat or engine from the start of your finance agreement, so you can claim GST and depreciation during and after the loan term, and the interest on repayments is tax-deductible. 

Get a tailored marine finance solution

One of the best ways to get a good deal on anything is to shop around. Sometimes, however, we either don’t have the time to do that, or it’s impossible to scan every interest rate and lender around. That’s where Savvy can help. We're partnered with a wide panel of lenders who offer specialist leisure finance products. Just get in touch, tell us what you need, and we’ll get some quick details. After that, we’ll almost instantly scan our extensive panel of lender partners to find you the most suitable, cost-effective solutions.

Answers to all your questions about Yamaha boat finance options

What can I buy with marine finance?

You can access a range of equipment and crafts with Yamaha boat finance options when you apply via Savvy. Whether that’s a new or used boat, outboard motors, navigation or safety equipment, or hull repairs, we can help!

Can pensioners get marine finance via Savvy?

You can! Many of Savvy’s leisure finance customers are retired, and we partner with several specialist lenders as a result. Here at Savvy, we can assist with a motorhome or a car loan for pensioners, and we can get you out on the water too. Please speak with one of our helpful consultants about how we can help. 

How is my boat loan interest rate calculated?

Your interest rate depends on things like your credit rating and what you buy. Older boats cost more to finance than new boats because they provide less security against your borrowing. 

How can I reduce the cost of a boat loan?

The less you borrow and the shorter the term, the fewer dollars you’ll pay for marine finance. You can reduce the amount by using a trade-in or deposit. Taking out a shorter loan will mean you pay less interest.

How quickly can I expect to arrange a boat loan via Savvy?

Online loans are the quickest way to arrange finance for a range of hobbies and other activities. The application can be completed in less than ten minutes in some cases and formal approvals can come as soon as a day after. Most lenders can settle loan amounts within two days, so the process is a fast one. 

Apart from interest, are there any other costs associated with a boat loan?

Nearly all lenders will charge either a monthly or annual account fee or charge to set your loan up. Some charge both. Your loan agreement will detail every finance component, but if you’re unsure, one of our expert consultants can talk you through that.  

How do I qualify for a boat loan to buy my Yamaha?

Applicants for a secured loan need to be at least 18 years of age and a resident or citizen of Australia. Lenders will run a credit check and assess your income and spending, plus your existing financial and borrowing commitments. Because you’ll be using secured finance, you’ll also need to provide a few details about the motor you’re buying to the lender. Qualifying for boat finance is easier via Savvy, and all documentation gets uploaded online.  

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