Bad Credit Leisure Loans

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Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 03:00 pm by Bill Tsouvalas

Say yes to bad credit leisure loans

Don’t feel left out

Considering buying a jet-ski, caravan, camper-trailer, boat or leisure vehicle but feel bad credit is holding you back? At Savvy, we don’t believe in FOMO. We provide dozens of Australians just like you with competitive and affordable loans for all types of leisure vehicles.

We understand that buying a leisure vehicle is an investment in your family’s recreation. Staying in caravans means spending less on hotels; buying a jet-ski means never having to rent, or even time-sharing your own investment to help cover repayments. With all this in mind, we don’t want any Australian to miss out on a great holiday now, and for years to come.

Bad credit? We say yes

Many people are put off from looking for leisure vehicle loans as they’re afraid they’ll be rejected, or have to pay huge interest rates if they are approved.

Savvy understands the frustration of having a bad credit history, even if you have made recent efforts to pay down debts or correct your credit. Credit histories can take as long as seven years to clear. Of course, many of us can’t wait that long.

By searching for loans from over 25 lenders, our consultants work hard to ensure approval for as many bad credit applicants as possible.

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Sure-fire ways we can help with bad credit leisure finance

Have questions about bad credit leisure finance?

How do you find loans for people with bad credit?

We start by looking at the market for lenders offering bad credit loans for leisure vehicles. Your consultant then drives home a deal with the most competitive rate for you.

Can I find out how much I can spend?

Yes – you can use our online loan calculator to find out a rough estimate of how much a loan will cost long-term and with each repayment. It’s free to use and there’s no obligation to apply

What type of leisure craft can I buy?

Savvy finances all types of leisure craft. This means RVs, caravans, motorbikes, camper trailers, boats, and more. If you can have fun with it, we can finance it.

I want to buy a leisure vehicle from a private seller – can I still apply?

Yes! Savvy specialises in financing boats, jet skis, caravans, and motorbikes bought in private sales and auctions.

Do you offer insurance?

Yes! Savvy is also one of Australia’s leading leisure insurance brokers. Ask your consultant for more information.

I’ve found my perfect craft – can I get pre-approval?

Yes! We offer pre-approval so you can begin negotiating and buying.

I’m self-employed. Can you help me?

Yes! We help the self-employed, entrepreneurs, and even pensioners find leisure finance loans that suit their needs.

I am an ex-bankrupt. May I apply?

If you have been discharged from your bankruptcy or Part IX Debt Agreement for over 18 months, you may be able to apply. Approval is not guaranteed, though we will try our best to help while factoring in your financial situation.

Your helpful guides to bad credit leisure loans

How to help your bad credit leisure loan approval?

When looking for a leisure vehicle such as a caravan, jet-ski, or boat with bad credit you should look to come up with at least 20% deposit so you have “skin in the game.” This gives your lender a higher loan-to-value ratio. The higher this ratio, the less risk your lender is taking on. If you can also prove your financials are better than indicated on your credit history with payslips or bank statements, use this as evidence to ensure approval, or even a lower than average bad credit interest rate.


Should you buy a new or used leisure vehicle?

Buying something for recreation is sometimes a “guilty” pleasure, and a lot of people buy used to save on upfront costs. But is buying new better for your bottom line? New leisure vehicles are more expensive, but will have higher residual value. They may also have more up to date safety and comfort features. Used leisure vehicles have their charm too, especially refurbished or “pimped out” caravans or jet-skis. These are cheaper to buy and may suit the casual holidaymaker.

How To set a hard budget?

Presenting a hard budget when shopping for a bad credit loan increases your chances of approval. You need to know how much repayments each week, fortnight or month will cost you before you think of applying. Have you figured out insurance and fuel? How much have you saved already, and what is the gap between the lender and your own deposit? You can figure all this quickly by using a loan calculator. You can use our loan calculator for free, here.

Can your car tow it? The first question

A lot of would be jet-ski, caravan, or RV owners often gloss over the most pivotal question of all; can your car tow it? At the very least, your car will need a tow-bar fitted to the back to allow for any loads, such as a boat or jet-ski trailer. The next question is does your car have enough torque or pulling power to tow the load in question? If you have a little hatchback that struggles up hills as it is, the question isn’t what kind of caravan you should get, it’s what car you need to do the job.