Bad Credit Caravan Loans

Don’t let past financial problems get in the way of buying that caravan.
No obligation. It won't affect your credit score.

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Flexible Bad Credit Caravan Loans

Bad Credit Caravan Loans – how it works 

There’s nothing many Aussies like more than heading off the beaten track for a holiday, and absolutely nothing says freedom quite like a caravan. For borrowers with past credit problems, achieving their dreams on the open highways of Australia can seem a long shot, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Bad credit caravan loans are a secured form of finance with fixed interest rates, and they’re probably a lot more accessible than you think. 

How Savvy Helps Find Caravan Finance

Savvy has helped thousands of Australians with below-optimal credit scores find affordable leisure finance solutions because we look at your here and now, not your history. We work with a broad panel of Australian loan providers so you can discover more solutions, find more choice, and pay better interest rates. You can compare lenders that suit your financial situation and aims, calculate your repayments, and even apply online in minutes.  

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Why so Many Australian Caravan Enthusiasts Choose Savvy

How to Apply and Qualify for a Bad Credit Caravan Loan

The Pros and Cons of a Bad Credit Caravan Loan


Buy where you like 

Use a caravan dealership, scour the second-hand classifieds, and even browse eBay for caravans that tick all your wish list boxes and fit your budget too. 

Provides a cheaper option than renting 

Even though a bad credit loan comes with higher rates, its will still end up cheaper than renting a caravan every time you decide to head out, this will especially be the case if you are a regular caravaner.   

Secured caravan finance 

Secured loans pose less risk for a lender because they register a claim on your vehicle in case you default on the loan. That gets reflected in the interest rate, so even though its higher than a prime loan, it will still be cheaper than an unsecured leisure finance option.  


Higher interest rates 

Lenders always calculate interest rates based on risk, and you’ll indeed pay a slightly higher annual percentage rate for bad credit caravan finance. 

More Information 

Some lenders will want to see more from you than if your credit report was in good shape. That could range from more financial documents to information about the property you own. 

Finding the right lender can be hit and miss 

Bad credit lending is highly specialised, so it’s essential to source a loan provider through a broker like Savvy. All our partners are reputable and experienced, national lenders with the capacity to offer excellent after sales service – and financial products designed to assist borrowers who’ve had past credit problems.  

All Your Frequently Asked Bad Credit Caravan Loans Questions

Can I buy new and used models with a bad credit caravan loan?

Yes, you can. You don’t need to buy a brand-new caravan. Savvy partners with lenders that consider applications for loans for second-hand caravans too. 

Do I have to buy from a dealer with bad credit caravan loans?

You don’t. Often, buying from a dealer is more expensive than finding a used caravan from a private seller, so there are bargains to be had, and we can connect you with a lender who offers used caravan finance. 

Do I have to use a deposit with a bad credit caravan loan?

Not always. Lenders are all different. Some bad credit caravan loan providers will ask you to provide a deposit, but others take whether or not you own a home into account – even when it’s mortgaged. However, if neither of those two things is the case, you can still apply. 

Do I have to insure my new caravan?

Bad credit caravan loans are secured against the vehicle you’re buying, so they have to have fully comprehensive insurance policies. It’s a great idea to insurance against fire, accident, and theft for any significant purchase– or you could end up out of pocket.  

Can I get pre-approved for a bad credit caravan loan?

You can. It’s an excellent idea to get pre-approval for your caravan finance before you go looking for a vehicle to buy – and that goes whether you’re buying new or second-hand. Not only will you know your precise spending power, but you’ll be in a far greater bargaining position too. 

I’m an ex-bankrupt; can I still apply?

As soon as you’ve been discharged, Savvy can help you connect with a bad credit caravan lender who’ll consider your application. 

Can self-employed people apply for a bad credit caravan loan?

Absolutely! You can still hit the road and see the best of Australia’s countryside without worrying about hotels if you work for yourself. Some lenders might ask for additional documentation and information, but most loan decisions depend on whether or not you can afford repayments. 

Can I buy a motorhome?

You can. Bad credit caravan loans are a form of leisure financeso you can buy motorhomes and RVs, and even trailer tents or boats with bad credit leisure finance.