Synergy is owned by the Western Australian State Government and retails gas and electricity in WA. Read more about them and find out how green they are here through Savvy’s energy review.  

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, updated on August 14th, 2023       

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Synergy is one of the Western Australian State Government’s main energy suppliers and retailers, offering gas and electricity plans to over a million residents within the South West Interconnected System of WA and beyond. As the largest supplier of electricity in the state, Synergy plays a crucial role in delivering reliable power not only to homes but also to the crucial mining industry in WA, which is the powerhouse of Australia’s natural resource exports. 

It currently operates several gas and coal-fired electricity power stations, although it is in the middle of a transition phase as it moves away from fossil fuels and embraces more renewable energy sources. It is estimated that Synergy’s carbon gas emissions will be reduced by 80% by the year 2030 compared to its 2021 emission levels. 

Disclaimer: Please note that Savvy does not represent Synergy for their retail energy products. All listed information is correct as of August 2023 but subject to change.

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What power plans does Synergy offer in WA?


In the south and eastern regions of Western Australia, Synergy offers three energy plan options to supply electricity:  

  • Home Plan (A1):This is a single rate electricity tariff plan where you pay a consistent price for the electricity you consume.  
  • Midday Saver:This is a time of use tariff plan, which means the price per kilowatt-hour varies depending on peak, off-peak, and super-off-peak times during the day.  
  • Home Business Plan (K1):This is a combined/stepped usage tariff suitable for those who operate a business from their residential address. The price per unit of electricity varies based on consumption levels. 


Synergy is only permitted to supply natural gas to consumers that use more than 180GJ, which basically means industrial and commercial users. Most residential customers will therefore not be able to sign up to a gas plan with Synergy. 

How does Synergy generate power in WA?

Synergy uses a variety of electricity generation systems in WA, including coal, gas, solar and wind generation. Here are its main sources of power: 

Coal electricity generation: 

  • Muja Power Station: Synergy's largest power station, with a capacity of 1,094MW. Located near Collie coal fields and operational since 1966.
  • Collie Power Station: Another coal-based station with a capacity of up to 340MW. It also runs on coal from the Collie coal fields.

Gas electricity generation: 

  • Kwinana Gas Power Station: Equipped with high-efficiency gas turbines and remote-control capabilities.
  • Cockburn Power Station: Uses combined-cycle technology, capturing exhaust heat from a gas turbine to drive a steam turbine.
  • Mungarra Gas Turbine Station: Located near Geraldton and remotely controlled from Perth, three gas turbines produce 112MW of electricity.

Wind farms: 

  • Albany Grasmere wind farm: A joint venture with Bright Energy Investments, harnessing strong winds near the Southern Ocean.
  • Bremer Bay wind-diesel system: Provides about 40% of the town's electricity demand, reducing diesel consumption.
  • Kalbarri wind farm: Contributes around one-third of the community's electricity needs, offsetting nearly 5,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases annually.
  • Warradarge wind farm: A Bright Energy Investments joint venture, consisting of 51 turbines with a total output of 180MW.

Solar farm: 

Greenough River solar farm: A joint venture with Bright Energy Investments, producing 40 megawatts (MW) of clean energy for the SWIS. Stage one (10MW) was built in 2012, and stage two (30MW) was completed in 2020.

Pros and cons of using Synergy as your energy provider​

  • As Synergy is a government-owned utility, there is a good chance of having a stable and consistent energy supply 
  • Offers several different electricity plans, including solar plans
  • Monthly billing available
  • Payment extensions available in cases of financial hardship
  • A significant portion of Synergy’s energy generation comes from non-renewable sources like coal and gas 
  • As a WA resident, you may have no choice but to use Synergy due to a lack of competition  
  • Prices are set by the State Government, so there is little variation or choice available in WA for electricity plans 


How is Synergy rated as a green energy provider?

According to Greenpeace’s Green Electricity Guide, Synergy has a score of 2.44/10 overall. This is due to the fact that they operate coal and gas-fired power stations, in addition to a solar farm and several wind farms. * 

Their scores for these specific criteria are: 

  • Providing clean, renewable energy: 30%
  • Ending coal use by 2030: 0%
  • Halting fossil fuel expansion: 0%
  • Support for new renewable energy: 66%
  • Pollution & environmental harm: 50%
  • Transparency in marketing: 30%

*Information from Greenpeace’s Green Electricity Guide is current as of August 2023, but subject to change 

What is the South West Interconnected System in WA?

The South West Interconnected System (SWIS) in Western Australia is a large electricity network that covers all of the southwestern part of the state. It extends to the coast in the south and west, to Kalbarri in the north and Kalgoorlie in the east. It is the main power grid that supplies electricity to the majority of Western Australia's southern population, including the metropolitan area of Perth and several regional towns including: 

  • Bunbury
  • Albany
  • Merredin
  • Geraldton
  • Kalgoorlie

The SWIS is operated and managed by the state-owned utility company Western Power, and plays a crucial role in ensuring a stable and reliable supply of electricity to homes, businesses, and industries in the region. Synergy is the only electricity retailer in the SWIS region.

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What is the difference between Synergy and Horizon Power and Western Power?

Synergy generates power in WA and retails electricity plans to Perth and parts of the south-east region. Horizon Power offers retail services in the rest of WA, mainly regional and rural areas. On the other hand, Western Power is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure and networks in the state. 

How many customers does Synergy have in WA?

Synergy provides just over 52% of electricity to residential and business customers, particularly in the South West Interconnected System (SWIS). It also supplies the majority of gas (55%) to the industrial and commercial market in WA. 

Does Synergy also offer solar installations and solar plans?

Yes, Synergy offers solar installation and solar plans and assist customers to find the most suitable solar panel system for their property. Customers with solar panels receive incentives under the WA Government’s Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme (DEBS). Customers can receive 10c/kWh for exporting power back to the grid during peak times, but less during off-peak times.  

Is Synergy a GreenPower accredited retailer?

Yes, they offer NaturalPower plans as part of their GreenPower program. NaturalPower aims to offset fossil fuel consumption using accredited clean energy generation through Australia’s national GreenPower program. 

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