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Energy Plans - Compare Energy Plans in Australia
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We’ve partnered with Econnex to bring you a range of energy plans to help you compare them.

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We’ve partnered with Econnex to bring you a range of energy plans to help you compare them.

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Are you looking to compare energy plans in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT)? With the increasing cost of energy and the popularity of more sustainable energy options, it's important to compare plans to find the right energy option that suits your needs and budget.  

At Savvy, we understand the importance of making an informed decision when it comes to your energy provider. Our 100% free user-friendly comparison service is designed to simplify the comparison process, allowing you to easily compare energy plans side-by-side. From competitive pricing to renewable energy options, we provide a comprehensive overview of available energy plans, including their tariffs, fees, special benefits and terms. Take control of your energy expenses and explore different options for your household or business in the ACT right here with Savvy. 

What types of energy plans are available in the Australian Capital Territory?

In the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), there are generally two types of energy plans available to customers: 

Standing Offer:  

This is the default energy plan offered by retailers. It has a set rate and generally provides basic features without additional discounts or benefits. It is important to note that the standing offer may not always be the most cost-effective option for your gas and electricity needs.  

Market Offer:  

Also known as a market retail contract, this type of plan offers more flexibility and often includes discounts, incentives, and special offers to attract new customers. Market offers vary widely between retailers, allowing customers to choose a plan that aligns with their specific energy needs and preferences. 

When comparing energy plans in the ACT through Savvy, it is recommended to consider both the standing offer and market offer options, ensuring you understand the rates, discounts, contract terms, and any additional benefits associated with each plan. 

What factors should I consider when choosing an energy plan in Canberra and the ACT?

When choosing a market energy plan in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), it is essential to consider the following factors: 

Tariffs: Understand the tariff structure of the energy plan, including peak, off-peak, and shoulder rates. Evaluate if the structure aligns with your energy usage patterns and if you can benefit from lower rates during off-peak periods. 

Pricing: Compare the pricing of different market offers to find competitive rates that fit your budget and potentially offer savings compared to standard offers. 

Contract terms: Review the contract terms, including the agreement duration, any early termination fees or penalties, and the flexibility to switch plans when needed. 

Discounts and incentives: Take note of available discounts, incentives, or bonus offers provided with the energy plan, such as pay-on-time discounts, direct debit incentives, or rewards programs that can help reduce overall energy costs. 

Renewable energy options: If you are interested in supporting renewable energy sources, check if the energy plan offers green energy options or if the retailer provides the ability to offset your carbon footprint with a carbon neutral plan. 

Billing and payment options: Consider the available billing and payment methods, such as direct debit or online billing, to ensure they align with your preferred payment preferences. 

By carefully comparing gas and electricity plans in the ACT with Savvy and considering these factors, you can make an informed decision that suits your needs, budget, and environmental goals.

Who are the current energy distributors in the Australian Capital Territory?


In the ACT, Evoenergy is responsible for delivering electricity to most homes and businesses:

  • ActewAGL Distribution: (operating under the name Evoenergy.) ActewAGL Distribution is the primary electricity distributor in the ACT. They own and maintain the electricity infrastructure, including powerlines, poles, and meters, to ensure reliable electricity supply.
  • Essential Energy also serves some customers in the ACT


The gas distributor for the ACT is also Evoenergy.  

Distributors are the companies in charge of delivering gas and electricity to our homes and businesses. They own and maintain the powerlines, poles, pipes, and meters that bring energy to our residences. 

On the other hand, energy retailers purchase power from the generators and sell it to customers at a higher price. They have to pay the distributors for using the infrastructure they use to deliver the gas or electricity to customers. The cost of using powerlines and gas pipes is included in your power bill as the ‘supply charge.' 

If you have a power issue, such as a power outage or a gas leak, you should contact your energy distributor rather than the retailer you obtain your energy from to fix the problem. 

* All information is current as of June 2023, but subject to change. 

Who are the energy retailers in the ACT?

Prior to 2000 our nation’s capital had a regulated energy market, owned and controlled by the state government. The government owned the infrastructure and supplied the energy needs of the state through the ACTEW Corporation, which is wholly owned by the ACT Government.  

In 2000, the ACTEW Corporation and AGL Energy formed a joint venture partnership to establish ActewAGL as a retail energy provider in the ACT. ActewAGL took over the electricity and gas retail operations previously managed by ACTEW Corporation. For this reason, ActewAGL still supplies 90% of residential customers with their electricity. However, now that Canberra has joined the National Electricity Market, there are other electricity and gas providers who can supply your energy needs. Therefore, it’s well worth comparing plans through Savvy to ensure you are getting the best plans available from our network of trusted retailers.   


The current electricity retailers in Canberra and the ACT are: 

  • ActewAGL
  • Amber Electric
  • CovaU
  • EnergyAustralia
  • Energy Locals
  • Nectr
  • Origin Energy
  • Radian Energy
  • Red Energy


Gas providers in Canberra and the ACT are: 

  • ActewAGL
  • CovaU
  • Energy Australia 
  • Origin Energy 
  • Red Energy

*Information on energy retailers in the ACT is sourced from the Government’s EnergyMadeEasy website, and is current as of 20 June 2023, but subject to change. 

What help is available with power bills from the ACT Government?

Utilities Concession Program

The ACT Government offers assistance with power bills through the Utilities Concession Program. This program provides a daily rebate on electricity, natural gas, water, and sewerage bills. The Utilities Concession will be applied to the applicant’s energy account by their energy provider. The rebate amount varies depending on the season, and is calculated based on the annual concession amount, which is currently $750. 

The daily summer rate for the Utilities Concession will be approximately 95.519 cents per day from 1 November to 31 May and the daily winter rate will be approximately 357.843 cents per day from 1 June to 31 October. These figures are accurate as of June 2023.  

To be eligible for the Utilities Concession, you must hold one of the following concession cards: 

Eligibility for Utilities Concession: 

  • Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card
  • Centrelink Low Income Health Care Card
  • Veteran's Affairs Pensioner Concession Card or Gold Card Holders (Prisoner of War, War Widow or Totally Permanently Incapacitated embossed)
  • ACT Service Access Card

Only the primary card holder can apply, and their name and address must match those on the electricity or gas account. It's important to note that the Commonwealth Seniors Health Care Card does not offer eligibility for this scheme. 

Applying for the Utilities Concession: 

To apply contact your energy provider. If you live in a caravan park or retirement village with an embedded network, you can reach out to the ACT Revenue Office or complete an online application form. 

Energy Bill Relief Fund 

This is a joint Commonwealth and State Government initiative which provides an additional rebate on energy bills as from 1 July 2023. In the ACT this additional assistance will be $175 per eligible household per year.  

Eligibility for the additional energy relief 

In addition to the concession cards listed above, which offer eligibility for the Utilities Concession, the following cards and benefits will also be accepted in an application for the new energy relief fund rebate announced in 2023: 

  • all other DVA Gold Cards
  • Commonwealth Health Care Card
  • Commonwealth Seniors Health Card
  • Carer Allowance
  • Family Tax Benefit

*All information is correct as of 20 June 2023, but subject to change. 

Types of energy plan

Why compare energy plans with Savvy?

More of your frequently asked questions about comparing energy plans in the ACT

What happens if I don't choose an energy plan in the ACT?

If you don't actively choose an energy plan, you'll be placed on a default plan by your energy retailer. These default plans often have higher rates and may not include the same benefits or discounts as market offers. It's recommended to compare and select an energy plan that best suits your needs to avoid paying more than necessary. 

Do some energy plans in the ACT offer time-of-use pricing options?

Yes, some energy plans in the ACT offer time-of-use tariffs and pricing options. These plans vary the usage rates which are charged based on the time of day, with different rates for peak, off-peak, and shoulder periods. Look at your energy consumption pattern throughout the week to determine if time-of-use pricing could be beneficial for you. 

Can I ask to receive my power bills electronically instead of through the mail?

Yes, most energy providers in the ACT offer electronic billing options. You can opt to receive your bills via email or access them through online websites. Contact your energy provider to set up electronic billing and play your part in reducing paper waste. 

Do energy plans in the ACT usually have fixed or variable electricity rates?

Yes, some energy plans in the ACT offer time-of-use tariffs and pricing options. These plans vary the usage rates which are charged based on the time of day, with different rates for peak, off-peak, and shoulder periods. Look at your energy consumption pattern throughout the week to determine if time-of-use pricing could be beneficial for you. 

Can I change my energy plan when my energy consumption needs change?

Yes, you can change your energy plan at any time. It may be particularly worthwhile to look at switching energy plans if your consumption needs change. Contact your energy provider to discuss your new requirements, and they can guide you in selecting a more suitable plan that aligns with your updated energy usage. However, if you are on a market contract that still has some time left to run, then early exit fees may possibly apply if you do switch retailers.  

Are there any energy plans specifically designed for solar panel owners in the ACT?

Yes, there are energy plans tailored specifically for solar panel owners in the ACT. These plans offer solar electricity feed-in tariffs, where you can earn credits for excess energy generated by your solar panels that is fed back into the grid. If you do have a solar system installed you can compare solar energy plans right here through Savvy.  

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