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Compare low-rate car loans in Cairns

Lock in the best car finance deal in Cairns

Looking for affordable, convenient and easy car finance? Savvy can help you source the most suitable loan to help you purchase your next vehicle in Cairns, Townsville, Port Douglas or anywhere in North Queensland. We service the regions to help everyday car buyers choose from a wide range of car loan financiers and get approved before they know it.

Apply with Savvy and save

Because we have such a vast range of lending partners counted amongst our panel, we give car buyers like you the best shot at saving on vehicle finance. With the help of our dedicated consultants, we take the guesswork out of comparing and help you secure the most suitable and affordable loan deal for your needs. Get a free, no-obligation quote with us today to get started.

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The features and benefits of car loans in Cairns

Competitive interest rates

We can help you access affordable car finance with low interest rates and comparison rates to help you save across your loan deal.

No deposits required

You don’t need to pay anything upfront when purchasing your vehicle, with financing up to 100% of its sale price possible (and sometimes more if you want to include on-road costs).

Repay over one to seven years

You’ll have the power to choose over what timeframe you repay your car loan debt, with terms as short as one year and as long as seven available for you to spread repayments out to your liking.

Diverse employment and income accepted

Regardless of whether you’re working full-time or part-time, a casual employee or are self-employed (or even a combination of more than one), you can still be approved for finance.

Buy new or used vehicles

You won’t be limited to brand-new vehicle purchases from Cairns dealerships, either. We can also help you get approved for a loan to purchase a used car from a private sale.

Enjoy fixed interest across your term

There’s no need to be worried about your interest rate increasing across your car loan term, as all finance comes with fixed interest and will remain the same throughout your repayments.

Why apply for your car loan with Savvy?

The documents required for your Savvy car loan application

Common questions about car loans in Cairns

Does my vehicle have to be in Cairns for me to access financing?

No – at Savvy, we can help you source funding for the purchase of just about any vehicle around the country, whether it’s in your backyard in Cairns or all the way across the country in Perth. The location of your car, whether from a dealership or private sale, shouldn’t be an obstacle to you buying it.

Can Centrelink form part of my income on my car loan application?

Yes – you can still apply for a car loan if you’re on Centrelink. This can form up to half (or more in some cases) of your overall income. However, this requirement will differ depending on the lender you’re applying with and the type of income you’re receiving. Speak to your Savvy consultant about your options for vehicle finance whilst on Centrelink.

What is car loan pre-approval?

Pre-approval on a car loan is a conditional approval for a certain amount of money based on the conditions presented in your application, such as your income and other factors. This can help provide car buyers with a clearer indication of their borrowing power and budget when choosing their car. It can also provide you with a stronger hand when it comes to negotiating the price of your vehicle with your seller, as it gives them a definitive ceiling under which the purchase price of your car must fall.

What are my electric vehicle finance options in Cairns?

There’s a range of finance options when it comes to financing your electric vehicle in Cairns, with the main one being a green car loan. This product is offered to those buying electric, hybrid or other environmentally friendly models, providing them with an interest discount to incentivise the purchase of these vehicles.

How long will it take for my car loan to be approved?

Your car loan can be approved, funded and formally signed off on by all parties in as few as 48 hours when you apply with Savvy, enabling you to have your new car on the way before you know it. We help take the guesswork out of comparing car finance so you can drive away sooner.

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