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Low rate car loans in Canberra

Compare and save

If you’re shopping for car loans, Canberra based, and determined to buy wisely – you’ve arrived at the right place. Owning a car can add up in many ways. Insurance, stamp duty, registration, even maintenance cost money, so it's good to check out a range of options before you arrange vehicle finance. Find loans that run between one and seven years, and take advantage of swift online applications to secure the car you want, right now.

How Savvy can help

Savvy makes shopping for finance a quicker, cheaper task. Our consultants are always available to take your call and offer help with applications. At Savvy, we’re proud of the fact we’ve gained a reputation for excellence over many years. Our aim is to keep the cost of your borrowing down, and point you at a broader selection of loans and deals than any other company – helping you get on the road to more affordable motoring.

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Here’s how Savvy helps you secure a great car loan

Some frequently asked car loan questions in Canberra

How can I figure out my regular repayments?

Use our handy repayment calculator. You can adjust all the elements of your loan and change repayment amounts. In addition to that, it’s possible to adjust input amounts to see how including a deposit or balloon payment affects costs. Taking the time to explore your options will help you to budget better for your car finance. When you’re setting your budget, remember to take additional costs like registration and maintenance into account. You can also submit a quotation request and receive a formal quote from a savvy consultant.

What do I need to apply for a car loan in Canberra?

You’ll need to be an Australian citizen or resident, and some working visas are eligible too. If you’re over 18 and have a regular income, you’ll get asked to supply ID and proof of address, plus a few months' worth of payslips. If you have a less than ideal credit history or you’re a new borrower, your loan provider may ask for some bank statements. Everything gets uploaded online quickly and easily.

Who uses Canberra car loans?

Car loans in Canberra are a great option for individuals who wish to use their regular earnings to cover the considerable cost of buying a car – either new or second-hand. If you’re in business and you’ll be using your new vehicle for that, some of the costs will be tax-deductible too. It’s worth exploring the full range of available business vehicle finance options in Canberra before you go out and purchase a new vehicle.

I’ve had vehicle finance before – will it be cheaper to stick with that lender?

Being an experienced credit user is no guarantee that you’ll discover the best available deals at any one time. When it comes to spending money on anything, it pays to look in the right places – and that’s where Savvy can help. Just like when you’re looking for car or home insurance, when it comes to vehicle finance, switching your provider can see you reap huge rewards. A car is a major purchase, so it makes perfect sense to check all your options out before you commit. Savvy enjoys long-term partnerships with a great many of the best lenders in the country – and we deal with a range of loan providers that offer the ideal option for most applicants out there. That’s why so many Aussies turn to Savvy when it comes to buying new wheels.

How does my credit score affect interest rates?

Your credit score is just one of the things lenders refer to when they’re assessing your application. Defaults and late payments stay on your credit record for several years. Past problems won’t necessarily affect your ability to get car finance, but it may mean you pay a higher interest rate. Remember though, that your credit score is not the be all and end all when applying for car loans, in Canberra or anywhere else for that matter. The vast majority of applicants qualify for the best interest rates available and your credit score doesn’t need to be perfect. Lenders examine many factors when you apply for a car loan, and your credit score is just one of them.

How long will it take to get car finance in Canberra?

The good news is that you’ve already come to the right place! Savvy is full of resources and information designed to maximise your chances of experiencing a streamlined route to car finance. Our car loan experts assist thousands of Aussies every year in their search for a great vehicle finance deal, in Canberra and beyond. To help us speed up your application, it’s worth remembering that certain lender conditions need to be met before you can drive away. The vast majority of borrowers won’t experience any issues, but how that works will depend on a few different factors. Your credit worthiness can affect application times because lenders may wish to see additional documentation.

The age of your new vehicle can also affect how quickly you get approved, as can whether you’re buying privately or from a dealer. Arranging a car loan online is a very quick process, however. The best policy is to submit any required documentation as soon as you can, and most car loan agreements get arranged within a three-day period – with many approved and finalised even more quickly than that.

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