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Savvy drives car loans further

We have helped hundreds of Australians save thousands of dollars on their car loan. We're linked to over 25 of Australia's top lenders fighting for your business. This means you save more because we compare more.

Our expert car loan consultants are with you every step of the way.. We give each and every customer personalised service so you can rest knowing you've secured a great car loan deal suiting your budget and needs.

Think car loans, think Savvy

Get more car loan options. Whether you’re buying used, certified used, or from a private seller or dealer, we can help secure the best rates and most flexible terms. If you’re in business, we speak your language. We help businesses secure commercial chattel mortgages and hire purchases that keeps cash flowing.

Do you have bad credit? We fight hard for bad credit customers to get the fairest treatments on car finance. Our consultants can help you, no matter your circumstances.

Calculate and save by comparing car loans

Savvy uses the latest in technology to compare car loans – use our car loan calculator to figure out just how much you could save with one of our top-rated car loans.

LenderProduct NameAdvertised RateComparison RateMonthly Repayment
SavvyNew Car Loan2.85%
Bank of AustraliaUsed Car Loan6.45%
ANZOnline Secured Car Loan7.85%
CUAFixed Rate Car Loan7.99%
BankSASecured Fixed Personal Loan8.49%
St GeorgeSecured Fixed Personal Loan8.49%
CBASecured Car Loan8.49%
NABVariable Rate Personal Loan14.19%

* Commercial loan with the loan amount of $40,000 is looking at a 5 year secured fixed rate of 2.85% p.a. and comparison rate of 3.93% p.a.. WARNING: all fees and charges may not be included on the example above, only the comparison rates, monthly repayment and total cost applies. Therefore, the total cost of the loan might be different. Comparison rate do not include broker fees, redraw fees, early termination fees and fee waivers. Comparison rate may change as a result of the different loan terms, fees and the loan amounts. Establishment fees and monthly fees do not apply to commercial loans, only consumer loans. However, there might be different fees apply.

Get the right car loan with Savvy

See how Savvy will help you secure a great deal on your car finance through its panel of lenders

Your car loan, your way
Savvy helps you secure a great low rate car loan that’s flexible and affordable.
The choice is yours
Buying private? Going used? Talking to a dealer? Savvy finds you the best deal no matter how you buy.
Comparing more, saving more
Savvy’s finance experts scour loans from over 25 of Australia’s leading lenders, so you save more.
We know car loans
Savvy’s team are hand-picked experts in car finance with unparalleled advice and knowledge.
100% finance available
Need 100% finance? Savvy’s got you covered. We can also finance your insurance so you have peace of mind.
Bad credit? Don’t worry
Savvy helps people with bad credit gain car finance approval with competitive interest rates.

Our range of car loan options to suit your all needs

We not only compare car loans but offer savings on finance for leasing, business, and bad credit customers

Savvy is one of Australia’s trusted and fastest growing car loan brokers. We’ve helped hundreds of people get the lowest car loan rates so they save even more: no obligation to apply.

Let Savvy find your perfect hire purchase. We connect you with banks and lenders specialising in hire purchases so you can structure liabilities your way. Flexible terms and rates available.

Also known as salary sacrificing, Savvy can help you and your employer put together a novated lease package with ease. Save on tax and gain all the benefits of a company car.

We pride ourselves on delivering results, getting you approved and at the same time helping you fix up your credit rating.

Are you looking to get a better deal on your current car loan? Consider refinancing your car loan and you could be saving money not only in interest rates, but fees, charges and loading on timed repayments.

How to get approved for a car loan and save more money?

Follow these tips to get approved with better rates

Buy new or near new car to avail better rates

Buying a new car increases your chances of gaining approval and more favourable interest rates. That’s because lenders like taking on lower risks – and as a reward, you gain better interest rates. Buying older vehicles makes it more difficult for lenders to approve your loan.

Find out how much can you afford

Before you approach lenders, you need to know how much you can afford on a car each month. That’s including repayments, fuel, maintenance, and insurance costs. Know your numbers by using a free online car loan calculator so you can feel confident with your application.

Pay deposit towards your car loan

Lenders are more inclined to approve you if you have “skin in the game,” that is, if you have a substantial deposit (20% or more.) Paying a little off up front not only lowers your risk, but also means lower repayments over the lifetime of the loan.

Have documents in order

In finance, there’s no such thing as too much documentation. Gather together payslips, residential histories, employment references, credit scores, and other documentation such as profit and loss statements or tax returns (if you’re self-employed) to maximise your chance of success.

Seek help

If it all seems a bit too confusing, don’t fret. Our team of helpful consultants are here to guide you through the process. Together, we can figure out your best options and find the best deal that suits your needs. We answer all your questions and make finding a great deal easy.