Your occupation is most likely to determine where you live

Last updated on November 25th, 2021 at 09:38 am by Bill Tsouvalas

The type of occupations that we hold pushes us to follow where the money is. This will also determine where we choose to set up our homes to make it more economical and convenient when travelling to work. So which place is most likely to attract the people who work in your type of occupation.

You would most likely choose a place that is more relevant

Looking for a house or an apartment in a place that matches your career needs is a common thing for many Australians. So much so that the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) released interesting statistics on their twitter account telling the intricate story of what we choose to work as and where these occupations take us to live.

The statistics revealed that if you are an Aquaculture worker you are most likely to reside in Tasmania with 40% of Aquaculture workers already living there. 50% of creative and media personal chose to live up their digital dreams in NSW.

If you are a librarian you are most likely to live alone

When it comes to the top professions that were most likely live alone Librarians took the cup with 17.3% being recorded by the ABS. Archivists followed with 15.5% being recorded as living alone. Only 15.2% of support workers lived alone.

The rest of the population in Australia tend to share an apartment with their loved ones or a mate. More Australians are taking up Apartments as their next go to for their homes, which has boosted the sales of apartments both nationally and regionally. Apartments in Australia have increased by 78% to 1,214,372 dwellings in 2016.

The popularity of apartments increase due to the unaffordability of houses

The reason for most Australians beginning to favour apartments as their home is due to the high property prices that people find unaffordable. The struggle for owning property is an increasing problem which has resulted in 116,00 people finding themselves homeless on Census night in 2016.

You are most likely to go into the country side to start farming at age 65

As more Australians wind down to their retirement age research showed that as many as 42% became livestock farmers. How about that! Making a move to the fresher and quiet side of the country. The next occupation that held the highest number of 65-year-olds was bookkeepers with 26%, followed by chief executives with 15% and finally the intellectual minds of academic lecturers at 17%.

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