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Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 02:39 pm by Bill Tsouvalas

No credit check loans

Looking for no credit check loans?

Many people experience hiccups with finance. The fact is that when that happens, no credit check loans can be a good solution – but choosing the right lender is important. Loan providers who guarantee approval are a big red flag, and you’ll pay through the teeth to access funds that way. The good news is that Savvy can put you in touch with top lenders that look past your credit report. These loan providers consider a range of other factors when you need to apply for a loan with bad credit – and you stand a great chance of getting approved.

Get your credit check back in check with Savvy

Thousands of Aussies just like you use Savvy to find lenders that match their circumstances. We deal with loan providers that offer a range of products designed to suit borrowers with less than perfect credit scores, and qualifying for a no credit check loan is straightforward. We’ll quickly connect you with a lender that meets your needs – even if your credit report isn’t super-healthy – and you can get everything done online. Having past credit problems doesn’t mean you can’t qualify for finance. At Savvy, we’re in the business of helping you do just that.

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The savvy way to access and repair a bad credit report

Your frequently asked no credit check loan questions

Why should I avoid no credit check loans that offer guaranteed approval?

Part of being a responsible borrower is not over-extending. You’re far less likely to have credit check issues if that’s the case – and responsible lenders should be protecting you from that. If a loan provider agrees to approve you no matter what, that means they care more about taking your money than whether a loan is right for you. It also indicates that they may well be in breach of their credit licence. You’ll pay too – both in terms of extortionate rates and high late payment fees – and they’re bound to add up if you can’t afford the loan in the first place. Reputable lenders work differently. Although they don’t run a credit check with an agency, they do check to see what you can afford- and won’t put you in financial hardship. There are strict rules in Australia about responsible lending, and sourcing a loan via Savvy is a great way to ensure you find a reputable, licenced provider.

How much can I borrow with a no credit check loan?

Savvy has established relationships with reputable lenders who offer loans up to $5,000, but you can borrow as little as $300 too. One tactic that bad credit borrowers use to repair their status is to pay off a series of smaller loans over time. That will see your credit score improve.

What do lenders look at when I apply for a no credit check loan?

No credit check lenders assess applications based on a few factors – but they either won’t run a credit check at all, or it won’t be a defining requirement for approval. They’ll look at your income and spending, and examine your bank statements to make sure you can afford repayments. Loan providers will want to see a few months’ worth of those to ensure your income is regular. If your loan gets approved, the lender will record that on your credit file.

What can I use a no credit check loan to pay for?

No credit check loans get used to cover just about any expense you can think of. Savvy helps thousands of Australian borrowers to deal with unplanned events like medical bills, unexpectedly high utility costs, and even car and house repairs. Cash loans also get used for nicer things like holidays, paying rental bonds, buying gifts for friends and family, and even work or business-related equipment or training. Because they’re not secured against a purchase like a car loan is, no credit check loans are incredibly flexible.

How will my credit score affect the cost of borrowing?

Generally, lenders charge for their services based on risk. That’s to say, the riskier a borrowing prospect you are, the more you’ll pay. For instance, car loans employ an annual percentage rate (APR) to formulate costs. That’s not to say car loan providers don’t also include fees, such as establishment and monthly account charges too. The good news is that smaller, shorter-term products like no credit check loans don’t use the APR system and instead rely on fixed fees. Those charges get strictly capped by the government, so although no credit check borrowing is costlier than some other finance, things can’t get out of control. Loans under $2,000 have capped establishment fees at 20% of the loan amount, and up to $5,000, the most you’ll pay in establishment fees is $400. Instead of an APR, repayment fees get capped at a percentage of the original borrowed amount. That’s set at 4%, and it can never exceed 48% annually.

Who qualifies for a no credit check loan?

No credit check lenders will consider applications from anyone who’s eighteen years or over and a resident or citizen of Australia. You don’t necessarily need to be employed, but more than half your income shouldn’t come from benefits. Savvy partners with lenders who provide no credit check loans for Centrelink customers, and even if you’re self-employed, loans are available. If you’ve already left the workforce, no worries, Savvy also deals with a range of lenders who provide no credit check cash loans for people on age pension. The main qualifying factor for a no credit check loan is that you’re able to repay without hardship. Lender requirements vary, but Savvy will always look to match you with one that suits your circumstances.

What do I need to apply for a no credit check loan?

You’ll need to have a few simple documents on hand. Once Savvy has connected you with the ideal lender, they’ll ask you to upload a copy of your driving licence or passport as proof of ID, and you can use a utility bill or similar to prove your address. The loan provider will want copies of three months’ worth of bank statements – and you can also grant access to those securely via their website. If you receive income in the form of benefits or age pension, you’ll need to provide a Centrelink Income Statement, which you can download via your MyGov account. Some providers may also ask for a copy of your Medicare card.

How long do I get to repay a no credit check loan?

Loans between $300 and $2,000 can be repaid over anything between sixteen days and a whole year. For loans above that amount, you can still repay as quickly as sixteen days but get the option of extending terms to two years. You’re free to tailor repayments, so they match how you earn. That means you can choose to set weekly, monthly, or fortnightly intervals and even select the day of the week or month they’re due – so you’re far less likely to miss a payment too.

If I apply for a no credit check loan, how long until I get my funds?

Savvy’s no credit check loan providers are 100% based online, and you can arrange everything over the web without ever needing to pick up the phone. That speeds applications up significantly. Lenders vary slightly, but some will get funds to you the same day. The remainder of loan providers don’t exactly hang around either, and most cash loans get set up within 48 hours. Lenders transfer funds to a bank account you nominate during your application, so things move fast.