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Last updated on July 26th, 2022 at 09:25 am by Kurtis Eichler

Quick cash loans approved from $300 to $5,000

Getting knocked back for a loan may be disheartening, but it doesn’t close off all your finance options. While lenders won’t approve you with no questions asked, Savvy may be able to help you get the urgent loan approval you need.

We partner with leading flexible lenders to take the fuss and headaches out of applying for a loan. Start the application process with Savvy today and get another shot at payday loan approval.

Can I get a cash loan with no questions asked?

Responsible lenders won’t approve quick loans with no questions asked. However, it’s important to note that direct lenders make the cash loan approval process faster and easier than with other types of traditional finance, so you won’t need to look for loans specifically with ‘no questions asked’. They’ll consider applicants who have struggled with approval in the past due to bad credit or inconsistent income, as your credit score isn’t particularly important on these types of loans. The most important factor to show is that applicants can manage the repayments on the loan they’re applying for.

Licenced payday lenders are bound by responsible lending obligations and must take steps to ensure borrowers can afford any loan they apply for. Part of this involves running a simple credit check, which focuses on your wider credit history rather than solely your score. This allows a lender to get a complete picture of your borrowing history by showing them your active loans, defaults and payment history on similar loans. They’ll also assess your income, expenses and wider spending habits to assess your borrowing power.

The standard payday loan eligibility requirements apply if you want a quick loan. These include meeting the following criteria:

  • At least 18 years old
  • A permanent Australian resident
  • No existing payday loans
  • Steady income for the past three months
  • Active mobile number and email
  • Online banking access to 90 days’ worth of statements

How quickly can I be approved and funded for a loan?

In most cases, it’s possible to get approval and have your loan funds paid out as soon as the same day you apply. Our completely online application process allows us to fast-track loan decisions from our lenders so you aren’t waiting for hours on end for an initial outcome on your application.

You’ll receive an instant outcome once you submit your loan application and, if successful, you can potentially be offered formal loan approval very soon after. However, these timeframes will depend on your application and financial circumstances. In some cases, lenders will request further information to complete your application, but this doesn’t generally hold up the process too much.

Once your documents are signed and returned, your lender will release your funds. You should typically get your funds within the same day, although this will depend on when you apply. Most online lenders will let you apply for a payday loan 24/7, but approvals and payouts will only be given during business hours. If you apply earlier, you’ll run less of a risk that your application will drag into the next day or a weekend. Additionally, your bank may simply take longer to process the transfer, which could delay the speed at which you receive it in your account.

What paperwork do I need to provide to be approved?

You don’t need to supply any physical bank statements or paperwork when you apply through Savvy. From application to approval, our processes are completely online which allows you to get rapid responses when you apply.

It’s important to remember that lenders will request you submit some documents. However, payday lenders require fewer documents from potential borrowers compared to mortgages or personal loans.

Lenders will request digital copies of your identification documents. These can be securely uploaded to a safe online portal. These documents will most commonly include a combination of two or more of the following:

  • Australian or foreign passport
  • Driver’s licence
  • Medicare card

Frequently asked cash loan questions

How much can I borrow on my cash loan?

Cash loans allow you to borrow between $300 and $5,000 with flexible repayments and terms. For loans up to $2,000, you get the option to repay between 16 days and one year while those above $2,000 come with term options of two years. However, the amount you’re approved for will come down to factors such as your repayment history, income and expenses.

Can I get a loan if I’m bankrupt?

Being bankrupt can make it incredibly tough to get loan approval, with most lenders unwilling to approve an application for a borrower who is currently bankrupt or under a Part IX debt agreement. However, there may be lenders out there who can consider your application if you’re looking for an urgent loan and are yet to be discharged from your bankruptcy.

Can I borrow money if I am on a disability pension?

Yes – you can get a loan if you’re on a disability pension from Centrelink. Disability pensions, just like aged and veterans’ payments, are seen as fixed benefits and can be counted as forms of income towards your loan.

Can I borrow money if I am a temporary resident?

While it’s difficult to get a loan when you’re a temporary or non-permanent resident, there may be some lenders who can help you. Some lenders may be able to consider the time left on your visa when approving you for a payday loan.

Can I use a cash loan to pay for medical procedures?

Yes – you can use your instant cash loan to fund medical procedures, including cosmetic and emergency operations. You can also use a loan for new furniture or home appliances, car repairs, home renovations or veterinary costs.

How do I make repayments on my loan?

Lenders allow you to make weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments on your fast cash loan using several methods, including:

  • Your lender’s online portal
  • Direct debit
  • BPay
  • Over the phone


If you want to repay your loan sooner than expected, you can make extra repayments without being charged break or exit fees. Some lenders do charge you a fee if you need to reschedule a payment, so it’s important to remember when your instalments fall due.