Need Money Now

You can apply for a cash loan online when you need money now and get funds in your bank by the end of the day.

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Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 03:14 pm by Bill Tsouvalas

Need Money Now

When Australians need money fast, cash loans are one of the quickest and easiest options, with lenders providing an inclusive, convenient online service. Cash loan approval is based on your ability to repay, not on how well you’ve managed borrowing in the past. You can do everything you need from a smartphone or computer, get a decision within the hour, and receive your money before the end of the day. Find out more about how cash loans work, and how you can get money now when you need it, here.

How do I get a loan when I need money now?

When you need money now, the best and fastest way to find a lender with qualification requirements and terms that suit your needs is to enquire via Savvy. We’ll ask you for a few simple details, like how much you need to borrow, how long you’d ideally like to repay and information about your job, income and expenses. From there, we digitally scan our lender panel to find your ideal fit.

Once that’s done, Savvy directs you straight to that lender’s web portal, where you can fill out a quick application, upload documents and even sign your loan agreement. It’s a great idea to dig out the documents you need as soon as you’re ready to apply for a loan – but get started as soon as you find your lender. Don’t forget, you can pause, save, and return to a cash loan application at any time, so it’s good to get things underway as soon as possible if you’d like to receive your funds the same day.

Upon approval, the lender sends a contract for you to sign digitally and return. This is your chance to check every single detail about the product. Once you’ve sent it back, the lender will release funds via electronic transfer, so everything happens very quickly. Many borrowers receive funds on the same day and sometimes within the hour.

How much will I pay if I need money right now?

Cash loan fees are easy to calculate. In fact, one of the most straightforward aspects of a cash loan are the fees. There’s no tricky interest rate like with other types of personal loan. Instead, cash loan lenders stick to charges that are based entirely on what you borrow.

  • You never pay more than 20% of the loan amount to set things up, which is capped at $400.
  • Each time you make a repayment, you pay a maximum of 4% of the loan amount.
  • There are no early repayment fees either.

When it comes to repaying a cash loan, your options are very flexible, and it makes everything just as simple as the fees. Cash loans get split up into two groups:

  • Between $300 and $2,000, you can repay over between just sixteen days or a whole year.
  • For loans of $2,001 to $5,000, you get up to two years to repay.
  • You can set repayments to match your pay frequency, choosing between monthly, fortnightly, or weekly.

Need money now? You’ll require these documents to apply

Frequently asked questions about cash loans

What can I use a cash loan to pay for?

Borrowers use cash loans to cover a multitude of different unexpected expenses and planned costs. That could be a loan to pay a deposit on a trip, finance for car repairs, or even to pay for a visit to the doctor. Whether life just threw you a curveball or you simply want to cover a purchase until you next get paid, cash loans provide the perfect solution for many Australians.

Can I get a cash loan if I’m self-employed and need money now?

Yes – lenders may ask for some additional documentation to confirm your income if you’re self-employed, but you don’t need to be employed to get considered for a cash loan.

Can I get a cash loan if I’m self-employed and need money now?

Yes – lenders may ask for some additional documentation to confirm your income if you’re self-employed, but you don’t need to be employed to get considered for a cash loan.

How do I qualify for a fast cash loan?

The main requirements for cash loan qualification are that you’re 18 or over, a resident or citizen of Australia and have a regular, ongoing form of income. That can be from a job or a pension, for example – and you can apply for a cash loan on Centrelink benefits. You need to be able to afford to repay the loan without hardship, so lenders will look at your spending using your bank statement. It’s essential to make sure you answer all the lender’s questions when you fill out their application form, because they may ask for additional material if anything is unclear.

Can I apply for a cash loan with a bad credit history if I need money now?

Yes – many Australians apply for a cash loan with bad credit. That’s because loan providers don’t really base decisions on your credit score. However, if your credit problems were significant or if they’re pretty recent, some lenders will take that into account when they make a decision on your application.

Can I use more than one cash loan simultaneously?

It’s possible, but you’re unlikely to be approved for more than one cash loan at a time. Lenders always look at your credit report to make sure you don’t have too many existing loans or other credit commitments. Responsible loan providers are required to ensure your new loan is easily affordable.

Do I need to provide security for a cash loan?

No – cash loans are unsecured finance. That means you don’t need to provide any security, and it’s primarily why you can use them for pretty much anything you need.