Pet Insurance for Balinese Cats

Elegant in appearance, Balinese cats are active animals that make wonderful companions for children and families. Find out more about them, their common conditions and the potential costs of pet insurance with Savvy today!

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Price range






Coat length


Life expectancy

13–15 years


Affectionate, intelligent, vocal



Suitable for

Families and individuals able to provide attention and mental stimulation, multi-pet households



The Balinese cat, often referred to as the long-haired Siamese, is an elegant and affectionate breed known for its captivating appearance and engaging personality. This medium-sized feline boasts a slender, graceful body, triangular face and striking sapphire-blue eyes, making it a charming addition to any home.

Balinese cats are energetic and expressive. They thrive on human interaction, often engaging in melodious conversations with their owners. Despite their vocal nature, they also relish quieter moments, frequently curling up on laps to provide comfort and companionship.

With their loving and adaptable disposition, Balinese cats are an ideal choice for families of all ages. While their lively and talkative nature ensures a lively household, they generally coexist peacefully with other pets, including cats and dogs, making them suitable for multi-pet households. Minimal grooming needs and a penchant for play complete the charming package of the Balinese cat.

Common Balinese cat diseases and conditions

  • Crossed eyes: some Balinese cats may have a condition where their eyes are misaligned, causing them to appear cross-eyed. However, this is often a cosmetic issue that doesn't typically affect their overall health.
  • Amyloidosis: this is a condition where abnormal protein deposits (amyloids) accumulate in different organs, including the liver, and lead to organ dysfunction.
  • Asthma: this is a respiratory condition that causes inflammation and constriction of the airways, which can result in coughing, wheezing and breathing difficulties.
  • Lysosomal storage disease: this genetic illness is rare but can affect young Balinese kittens. It results from a deficiency of enzymes needed for metabolic functions, leading to the accumulation of substances in the body.

How much does pet insurance cost for a Balinese cat?

A number of factors can influence the cost of pet insurance for your Balinese cat, including the following:

  • Coverage type: the type of insurance you choose affects costs. Comprehensive plans offer more but come with higher premiums, while accident-only plans are budget-friendly but cover accidents only.
  • Location: your geographic area influences costs, with urban areas often having higher veterinary expenses.
  • Pre-existing conditions: existing health issues may raise premiums, and some insurers exclude them from coverage.
  • Annual limits, benefits and excess: your choices in these areas impact premiums. Lower limits and benefits, and higher excess can reduce costs but may mean more expenses when claiming.
  • Veterinary history: your cat's medical past can affect coverage and premiums, as insurers often consider prior conditions and illnesses.

Types of pet insurance you can choose from

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Common questions about Balinese cats

Are Balinese cats suitable indoor cats?

Yes – Balinese cats are versatile and can adapt to indoor living. However, they are active, playful and social by nature. They may appreciate access to larger spaces and a secure outdoor space where they can climb and explore.

Are Balinese cats vocal?

Yes – Balinese cats are known for their vocal and expressive nature. They often engage in conversations with their owners through a variety of meows, chirps and other vocalisations.

Do Balinese cats get along with other pets?

Yes – Balinese cats are generally sociable and can form strong bonds with other cats and even dogs. However, successful introductions are crucial. Slowly introduce them to new pets, supervise interactions and ensure each animal has their space to retreat to if needed. With proper introductions, Balinese cats can be excellent companions to other pets.

Are Balinese cats hypoallergenic?

Balinese cats are often considered hypoallergenic because they produce fewer allergenic proteins in their saliva and skin oils compared to other breeds. This can be a relief for some allergy sufferers. However, it's essential to spend time with a Balinese cat to assess your specific allergy response, as individual reactions can vary.

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