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Whether you’re in Brisbane or elsewhere in Queensland, you can compare mobile phone plans side by side with Savvy today.

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We’ve partnered with Econnex to bring you a range of mobile phone plans to help you compare them.

Whether you’re a new arrival to Brisbane or a lifelong resident, it's important to have a mobile plan that meets your needs and budget as you go about life in the city. However, with so many different providers and plans available, it can be difficult to know where to start. That's where Savvy comes in.

Our free online comparison platform lets you easily compare quotes from a range of trusted providers. So if you're in the heart of the CBD, living in the suburbs or located anywhere else in the River City, we're here to help you find a plan that suits your needs. Start with a free, no-obligation quote today.

What types of mobile plans are available in Brisbane?

In Brisbane, there are three main types of mobile plans: prepaid, postpaid and pay as you go (PAYG).

Prepaid plans allow you to pay for a specific amount of data, talk and text in advance. These plans can suit people on a budget, as they give you more control over your spending. 

Postpaid plans are billed after you use the service. These plans often come with additional features like unlimited talk and text and more data. Postpaid plans may be more expensive than prepaid plans, but they offer convenience and added benefits.

PAYG plans charge you based on your actual usage. These plans are ideal for people who don't use their phones frequently. You are only charged for the data, talk and text that you use.

In addition to these three main types of plans, there are also SIM-only plans and SIM-and-phone plans.

  • SIM-only plans provide a SIM card and network coverage, but no handset. These plans are best for people who already have a phone and only need a plan.
  • SIM-and-phone plans include both a SIM card and a mobile device. These plans are ideal for people who want to get a new phone and a mobile plan at the same time.

For those with specific needs, there may also be special plans available, such as family plans and business plans.

  • Family plans allow multiple lines to be included in a single plan. These plans can help families who want to save money on their mobile bills and often offer discounts on additional lines.
  • Business plans are tailored to the needs of businesses, offering features like multiple lines, shared data and special rates for business-related calls. Business plans can also include features like mobile device management and security.

How do I choose the best mobile plan for my needs in Brisbane?

When choosing a mobile plan in Brisbane, it's important to consider your usage habits, budget and preferences. Here are some key factors to keep in mind:

  • Usage: how much data do you use each month? How many minutes do you talk on the phone? How many texts do you send? Knowing your usage patterns will help you choose a plan that’s not too expensive or too restrictive.
  • Budget: how much are you willing to spend on a mobile plan each month? Be sure to factor in any additional costs, such as handset repayments for contract plans.
  • Preferences: do you want a prepaid, postpaid or PAYG plan? Prepaid plans offer flexibility and control, postpaid plans provide more features and PAYG plans are ideal for light mobile users. Consider which type of plan best suits your needs and preferences.

Once you've considered these factors, you can start comparing mobile plans from different providers. Be sure to compare prices, features and network coverage to find the best deal for you.

Here are some additional tips for choosing a mobile plan:

  • Read the fine print: make sure you understand the terms and conditions, including any cancellation fees or other hidden costs.
  • Consider your future needs: if you expect your data usage to increase or if you’re planning to travel more frequently, choose a plan that can accommodate these changes. You may also want to consider a plan that offers international roaming, if needed.

How much will my mobile plan cost in Brisbane?

The cost of a mobile plan in Brisbane can vary depending on your needs and preferences. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a plan:

  • Plan type: prepaid plans offer more control over spending, while postpaid plans often come with additional features but are more expensive.
  • Inclusions: consider the data, talk and text allowances, as well as any additional features that are important to you, such as international calling, data rollover and entertainment subscriptions.
  • Handset repayments: if you need a new phone, you may want to consider a contract plan, but keep in mind the monthly handset repayments.
  • Data allowance: choose a plan with enough data for your needs, but be aware that going over your data limit may result in extra charges.
  • Provider: compare plans from different providers to find the best deal for you, whether that’s a cheap mobile plan in Brisbane or a phone contract with all the trimmings.
  • Add-ons: some plans offer optional add-ons, such as international roaming packages or additional data packs, but these will incur extra charges.
  • Contract length: longer contracts may come with lower monthly fees, but you may have to pay an early termination fee if you cancel before the contract term is up.

Before choosing a mobile plan, carefully review the terms and conditions to understand the costs involved. This will help you select a plan that meets your needs and budget.

Top tips for saving money on your mobile plan in Brisbane

Pay only for what you need

Don’t pay for features you don’t use. Consider how much data, talk time and text messages you need each month before you choose a plan.

Use data-saving features

Most phones have data-saving features that can help you reduce your data usage. For example, you can turn off background data usage for apps that you don’t use often.

Look for promotions and discounts

Keep an eye out for special promotions and discounts from providers, such as money off if you are a student.

Use Wi-Fi

If you're connected to Wi-Fi, you won't use any of your mobile data. This can help you save a lot of money on your mobile bill, especially if you're a heavy data user.

Monitor your usage

Keep an eye on your data, talk and text usage to help you stay within your plan’s limits and avoid additional costs.

Shop around

There are plenty of mobile providers and plans to choose from, so don't just settle for the first one you see. You can use Savvy to compare prices and features from different providers.

Frequently asked questions about the best mobile plans in Brisbane

Can I keep my existing mobile plan if I move to Brisbane?

Yes – you should be able to keep your existing mobile plan when you move to Brisbane from elsewhere in Australia. Mobile plans in Australia are not typically tied to specific locations, so you should be able to continue using your current plan in Brisbane without any issues. However, it's advisable to update your address with your mobile provider for billing and administrative purposes.

Are there any local mobile providers unique to Brisbane?

No – Brisbane, like the rest of Australia, has national mobile providers that operate throughout the country. There are no mobile providers exclusive to Brisbane. However, you have a wide range of well-known national providers to choose from, as well as various mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) that offer services in Brisbane.

Is there good network coverage in Brisbane?

Yes – Brisbane generally enjoys good network coverage provided by major mobile carriers. As one of Australia's major cities, Brisbane benefits from robust network infrastructure. Nevertheless, it's a good idea to review coverage maps or consult with providers to ensure that the network coverage aligns with your specific needs, especially if you plan to spend time in remote or less densely populated areas of Queensland.

How much data do I need on my mobile plan?

The amount of data you need on your mobile plan depends on how you use your phone. If you stream a lot of video, play online games or use social media frequently, you will need more data than someone who only uses their phone for basic tasks like calling and texting.

A good way to estimate how much data you need is to check your usage history on your current mobile plan. This will show you how much data you have been using each month. You can then choose a plan that has enough data to cover your needs, with a little extra buffer room.


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