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High-data mobile plans are becoming increasingly popular, with the need for data greater than ever before. Whether it’s for leisure or for work, high-data mobile plans can prove extremely beneficial and ensure that you shouldn’t exceed your data limits. Read more about what to look for in high-data mobile plans and how to compare your options in this comprehensive guide.

What is a high-data mobile plan?

High-data mobile plans are those which provide you with a high data limit to cater for all your browsing or downloading needs. With a high data limit, you can use your data freely and have less concern over excess data charges. High-data mobile plans are perfect for people who spend a great deal of time on their mobile phones browsing or downloading content. Some people may need a high-data mobile plan for work, for leisure activities such as streaming video content, or for regular Face Time or Zoom calls with friends or family. Whatever your situation, high-data mobile plans can cater to your needs.

What’s considered high data will be different for everyone based on their usage and needs, as well as their provider, but it could be anywhere from 20GB to unlimited data each month. You can find high-data mobile plans in both prepaid and post-paid options, from both larger premium and smaller budget providers, so it’s important you figure out which is the best for you.

What is the best type of mobile phone plan for high data limits?

The best type of mobile phone plan for high data limits will depend on your individual situation. Both prepaid and post-paid plans can have high data limits but factors like your needs and your budget will determine the best option for you.

Plenty of prepaid plans offer high data limits and are usually the most affordable option. Data limits under prepaid plans can be as much as 500GB for a 365day long-expiry plan, or 100GB on a monthly prepaid plan. You will be paying for your plan upfront and once its limits are reached you will need to recharge to continue using your plan’s features. This will help prevent you from exceeding your data limits and incurring excess charges, which could save you money. Prepaid plans allow you to stay in control of your spending and provide better flexibility to chop and change between plans or providers.

Post-paid plans can also provide you with extensive data limits upwards of 100GB per month, with unlimited data plans also an option. As opposed to prepaid plans, post-paid plans will require you to pay for your plan at the end of every expiry period. They will also allow you to use in excess of your plan’s limit. Depending on your provider, you may be charged for this excess usage which could run up the cost of your plan. A benefit to post-paid plans is that they usually offer better features. If you’re an avid phone user, these features could prove beneficial to your phone usage and make it a better fit for you.

Ultimately, the best type of high-data mobile plan is one that is the best fit for you. Compare both prepaid and post-paid plans and consider how they could be of benefit to your needs.

What are the benefits of high-data mobile plans?

Benefit Benefit explained…
Stream videos or download without concern.
Often people will only stream videos or download content when they are connected to a wi-fi network. A high-data mobile plan will ensure you can stream video or download material without concern about your data usage.
Limits the likelihood of charges for excess data usage.
If you have a post-paid plan with a low data limit, you are more likely to exceed your limits and incur charges for excess data usage. Choosing a high-data mobile plan will ensure that you’re less likely to incur charges for excess data charges and you are more in control of your mobile phone plan spending.
High-data mobile plans in both prepaid and post-paid options.
High-data mobile plans can be found in both prepaid and post-paid option. This will allow you to choose the right high-data mobile plan to suit your payment preferences and provide any extra features you might like.

Explained: the step-by-step process for buying a high-data mobile plan

Top tips for comparing high-data mobile plans

Type of plan

You should compare both prepaid and post-paid high-data plans to figure out which type of high-data mobile plan best suits your needs. Prepaid plans allow you to only use what you pay for, tend to be more affordable and require an upfront payment. In addition, prepaid plans offer better flexibility but with lesser inclusions. Post-paid plans will usually provide more features and better usage limits. However, they will allow you to use in excess of your limits, which could result in phone bills which are far more than you can afford.

Cost of plans

High-data mobile plans tend to be more expensive. However, it’s still possible to find great value deals which offer high data limits at a reasonable price. It’s important to compare the costs of as wide an array of plans as you can, considering your budget.

Data limits

Data limits will be key in comparing your high-data mobile plan options. What’s considered high data is different for everyone, but you should ensure your data limit will comfortably support your needs. Try to include a buffer so that if your usage is greater than usual, you still won’t be over your data limits.

International roaming allowances

Cheap high-data mobile plans may often exclude any international roaming allowances. However, the more expensive options will usually include an allowance albeit more limited. Try to compare your options which offer international roaming allowances at little to no extra cost, especially if you have regular contact with friends or family overseas.

Extra inclusions

Many plans will offer extra features which provide further value to your high-data mobile plan. When you’re comparing your options, make sure you consider plans with features such as data-free music and video streaming, data rollover, or even free subscriptions to entertainment services.

Frequently asked questions about high-data mobile plans

What’s included in a high-data mobile plan?

High-data mobile plans can include many of the usual mobile phone plan features. Your inclusions and their respective limits will depend on the price of your plan and your choice of provider. Features can include:

  • Unlimited calls and texts
  • High data limits
  • Unlimited calls and texts
  • International roaming
  • Data rollover
  • Added extras
What happens if my high-data mobile plan runs out of data?

If you run out of data, what happens next will depend on the type of plan you have and the provider you’re with. If you have a prepaid plan, you will have to renew your plan to use data. If you have a post-paid plan, your provider may maintain your browsing speed but charge you for any excess data usage. Alternatively, they could slow your browsing and download speeds without charging you extra.

Can my unused data from last month be added to this month on my high-data mobile plan?

Yes. Your past month’s unused data can roll over to this month’s usage with a feature called data rollover. This will allow you to rollover any unused data from the previous month into next month’s data allowance. Data rollover is most common under prepaid plans but some post-paid plans will also feature it.

How can I get the quickest data speeds with my high-data mobile plan?

To get the quickest data speeds to improve your browsing and downloading efficiency, you should try to get a new phone or use a provider which allows you to take advantage of the 5G network. The 5G network has been rolled out in every major Australian city and has a focus on improved browsing and download speeds. The 4G network has maximum download speeds of up to 100Mbps (megabits per second). The 5G network has improved maximum download speeds of up to 20Gbps (gigabits per second) and a minimum download speed of 100Mbps.

Will higher data limits come at the cost of other features in my high-data mobile plan?

A high data limit can often be at the cost of other inclusions such as international roaming or no added extras in the cheap high-data mobile plans. If you’re willing to pay extra, more expensive high-data mobile plans will usually include all the normal features including international roaming and extras such as data-free streaming or free entertainment services. No matter the cost of your plan, it should always include unlimited calls and texts.

Where can I find the best high-data mobile plan deals?

To find the best high-data mobile plan for you, it’s important to compare your high-data mobile plan options. This will give you a more thorough understanding of the current offers on the market, specifically which work for you and which don’t. Factor in your budget and your own individual needs in relation to what each plan offers. You can compare your options with Savvy to get the best high-data mobile plan to suit your needs.


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