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How you can use a mortgage broker in Wodonga to save money on your next mortgage. Find an approved one with Savvy.
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, updated on August 8th, 2023       

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Are you looking for a licenced mortgage broker in Wodonga? If not, then you should be – home loan experts find Australians everywhere a better mortgage, with a lower interest rate and convenient terms.

Have a faster home loan experience, get help with qualification, and applying for a mortgage – speak to an FBAA or MFAA approved home loan broker today and get expert advice.

What does the ideal mortgage look like, and how can a broker in Wodonga help me get it?

They can, because every home buyer needs a different solution and brokers partner with more lenders so they can offer a wider choice of products and features.

They start by comparing the best owner-occupier home loans out there, plus a range of specialist solutions. Then, they’ll discuss the benefits of features like fixed or variable-rate repayments, split repayments, and add-ons like offset accounts and lines of credit, looking for ways to shave further cost off your mortgage.

Will a broker in Wodonga help me qualify for a mortgage easier?

Part of the role of a broker is to use their industry knowledge and their long-standing relationships with a broad range of different lenders to match you with the right option before you apply. That makes it more likely you’ll qualify, and it speeds up the process too.

You can help your mortgage broker by preparing the following details and paperwork for your meeting:

  • ID, like a driver's licence, passport, or other ID card with your photo on it. You can also use your birth or citizenship certificate.
  • If you’re employed, you’ll need to show a few of your most recent payslips. Lenders typically ask for a few months’ worth. If you’re looking for a self-employed home loan, lenders will need to see your last two tax returns, plus your most recent notice of assessment. You may be asked to show profit and loss statements from any business you own.
  • You’ll also need to supply evidence of any other income, like rent from an investment property, your annual bonus if you get one, and any Centre link benefits.
  • You’ll need to provide details about the value of any other assets you own, like cars, property, boats, shares, and even superannuation funds.
  • The lender will also need to see statements related to your current borrowing, such as personal or car loans, credit and store cards.
  • Lenders will look to assess your genuine savings by examining the past three months of your bank statements.

Can Wodonga brokers find a mortgage for a first-time buyer?

Yes. This region remains extremely affordable, and you can buy a house for about $350,000 on average. Wodonga mortgage brokers partner with enough lenders to have access to many different options for first-time buyers, such as:

I’m self-employed. Should I talk to a Wodonga mortgage broker?

Wodonga brokers can source a full range of mortgages for self-employed home buyers. They can also provide valuable help if you need to submit non-conventional documentation to qualify for a loan.

Can a Wodonga broker help with an investment mortgage?

Being on the highway from Sydney to Melbourne, Wodonga is a hub for shorter-term contractors. It’s also a busy town with high employment, so it’s got an active rental market. Despite that, second home buyers can expect a rent of around $370 each week. Both units and houses deliver an impressive rental yield well above 5%, so Wodonga mortgage brokers help many investors compare a broad range of investment home loans and ccess interest-only investment mortgage options.

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