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Looking for a mortgage broker in Wangaratta? Find out how local home loan professionals can compare more mortgages.
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There’s no need to take a chance on getting the best advice or search endlessly for qualified home loan professionals. You can connect with our carefully chosen mortgage brokers at Savvy. Compare the country’s best mortgages with some of the most trusted home loan professionals across Victoria.

I’m building a home in Wangaratta. Can a Savvy broker help me identify the best mortgage option?

Yes – choosing the right home loan for your plans can save you a lot of money when building a home. Construction loans and vacant land loans work in different ways and have considerable cost implications. Which one you choose might depend on whether you’re ready to build right away, whether you’re buying on a big development, and how much down payment you can currently afford.

Fortunately, there’s a massive choice of vacant blocks near town, a large proportion of property sales in the area are for land; the town has pretty much everything owner-builders are ever going to need.

Here‘s a breakdown of how the different loans work:

Construction loans Vacant land loans
Interest rate

Interest rates for construction loans are lower than for land

Vacant land loans typically come with higher interest rates


You typically get between one and three years to get building work underway

There is no deadline in terms of how long you can own the land before you build a home
Qualification requirements
It’s generally easier to qualify for a construction loan than a vacant land loan
Lenders consider the value of land to be more volatile than homes, so qualifying is more challenging
You’ll need a minimum deposit of 5% for a construction loan
Vacant land deposits vary. Generally, you need a minimum of 5% up to 11 hectares, and 20% over 11 hectares
Home builders receive progressive payments during the build
You receive a single settlement amount when the loan is approved
What’s covered?
Construction loans cover the cost of the land and the construction of your home
Vacant land loans only cover the cost of your land. You’ll need a mortgage when it’s time to build

Can a Savvy mortgage broker help me buy a second home?

Local mortgage brokers are adept at sourcing products and features to service investors in a vibrant rental market. The town lies on the main highway between Sydney and Melbourne and enjoys good transport links, plus great employment opportunities, so it’s popular with tenants.

A Savvy mortgage broker can help you compare different investor home loans, including tax-friendly Interest-only investment loans.

Is it worth talking to a Savvy mortgage broker?

Put simply, yes. We can access more options, better interest rates and provide home buyers a great deal of help during the home loan application process. That means you’re likely to get a cheaper mortgage, qualify more easily and find terms and features to suit you. This is how:

You discuss your situation, aims, and any particular preferences with your Savvy broker, who's fully qualified to convert that into the most ideal and cost-effective home loan option. We deal with dozens of lenders all over Australia, so your broker can access a wider choice of products than a bank or individual lender. We start by comparing low-interest home loans for owner-occupiers, then offer several alternatives for repaying interest such as:

Once you’ve identified your best option, we'll help with all aspects of the mortgage process, keep an eye on progress and deal with potential delays before they happen. Brokers make sure everything goes smoothly until your loan is settled.

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