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Talk to an expert mortgage broker in Sydney CBD and find smarter solutions for borrowing to buy a home.
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, updated on August 8th, 2023       

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If you’re looking to live in or near Sydney's central business district, our mortgage brokers can point you at the most cost-effective, flexible borrowing solutions out there. Licenced mortgage brokers have access to more home loan options and lower interest rates. They provide valuable local advice and offer home buyers a national network of lenders.

Sydney's CBD is a unique property market. Almost 70% of residents are independent singles, and housing is limited mostly to apartments. Around 48% of people who live in the CBD rent, which makes this a hotspot for investors and owner-occupiers alike. The former can expect to earn around $600 each week from tenants, representing a healthy rental yield of more than 6%. Both landlords and owner-occupiers will pay a median price of about $1.1 million for an apartment in the city’s centre.

Why is it better to talk with a Savvy mortgage broker?

More lenders equate to more competition, so you’re sure to find lower interest rates with a broker than if you just ask your regular bank. Since wholesale mortgage lenders entered the Australian market in numbers, mortgage brokers have provided an invaluable service for both owner-occupiers and investors. It's seen the industry grow as more Aussies turn to brokers to find cost-effective mortgage deals. In 2017, brokers organised 55% of home loans nationwide.

The fact is, these days, there’s a huge home loan lender landscape compared to 20 years ago. It’s pretty much impossible to cover everything, so it makes sense to let a dedicated home loan professional compare mortgage solutions for you. Savvy's mortgage brokers partner with a range of loan providers, including the big banks, and can access hundreds of different home loan options for home buyers.

Beyond saving you money, our brokers also know the industry inside-out, providing valuable advice before you submit paperwork and applications to lenders. They offer a complete service for home buyers, following up with lenders and making sure the process goes as quickly and as smoothly as possible from start to settlement

Which buyers can a Savvy mortgage broker help?

When they’re not helping homebuyers in Sydney's CBD find the best standard home loan options, our mortgage brokers regularly help a broad range of different buyers with everything from targeting the ideal finance providers for individuals to preparing home loan applications and sourcing specialist mortgage products, including:

Can a mortgage broker advise me about specialised home loan features?

Yes – our mortgage brokers will always look for ways you can reduce the cost of your home loan. They achieve that by using features such as:

  • Redraw facilities allow home buyers to make extra repayments on their mortgage and then access equity as they need.
  • When you keep money in an offset account linked to your mortgage, the balance reduces the amount of your loan principal that’s subject to interest. That can help you reduce your home loan term by years.
  • Fixed-rate home loan repayments, which allow home buyers to predict and budget for monthly expenses more easily.
  • Variable-rate home loan repayments, which have fewer fees and offer excellent scope for regular home loan refinance.
  • Split-rate home loan repayments, which represent a versatile option for a range of investors and owner-occupiers

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