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Why talking to a mortgage broker in Shepparton makes perfect sense for Savvy home buyers. Get a cheaper, better home loan.
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, updated on August 8th, 2023       

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Talking to a Savvy mortgage broker could save you tens of thousands of dollars on your next home loan. They work with lenders nationwide to provide an expert local service for home buyers. Savvy partners with approved mortgage brokers all over Australia so more home buyers can find a far cheaper, more effective mortgage and valuable advice.

Shepparton is a major town nearly 200 km north of Melbourne in a scenic rural area that produces everything from wheat to dairy produce and fruit. It’s a vital hub for the surrounding farming communities and that’s reflected by the range and quality of the amenities on offer here. Despite all that, the town's cost of living is affordable. Median house prices, remarkably, have yet to break the $350,000 barrier. The average price for a unit is just $220,000, which represents excellent value in a place that offers so many employment opportunities.

Is it worth my while talking to a Savvy mortgage broker?

Our mortgage brokers help thousands of Australians to save money on a home loan every month. We essentially make sure that borrowers see every interest rate and offer available to them. When you only look at one or a few options, it can cost you a lot of money over the course of a 30-year home loan.

It’s quick and easy for a Savvy broker to look at hundreds of standard home loans, lenders, specialist products, and interest rates to find your ideal solution. Brokers find out your aims and discuss your finances, then tailor a home loan that fits – not just a run-of-the-mill option that could cost you more.

What specialist home loans can a Savvy mortgage broker offer?

Some buyers might find their circumstances change during their home loan, others could have a change of priorities, and many will have a plan to eventually use additional home loan features right from the start of their mortgage. It’s important to get the right advice so you don’t bar access to options that can make your home loan more cost-effective. 

Our mortgage brokers can draw on some user-specific home loans too:

Can a Savvy broker help me access features to make my mortgage cheaper?

Indeed, we can. Our brokers are trained to spot opportunities where home buyers can save money and couple specialist loans with several different add-ons and options designed to make owning a home even more affordable, such as:

What’s the quickest way to find a fully approved mortgage broker in Shepparton?

When you enquire through Savvy, we’ll only connect you with the best-rated local mortgage brokers. We carefully select all our broker partners based on their performance, all of whom are fully approved with either the MFAA or FBAA.

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