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How local home buyers can find a better home loan solution by talking to a mortgage broker in Rockingham.
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, updated on August 8th, 2023       

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Savvy partners with the best home loan specialists all over Australia so that home buyers can enjoy cheaper mortgage solutions, features that match their plans, and a faster, more convenient application process.

Rockingham is just a quick 47 km freeway drive south of Perth, so it’s becoming increasingly popular with commuters. It’s long been a haven for retirees but these days, you’re just as likely to find families and younger singles taking advantage of a life by the beach. In the warmer months, it's a popular tourist haunt. There are cafes, bars, and a vast array of local shops, but it also boasts a huge shopping centre and all the other necessities locals need. 

Despite its obvious charms, you can still buy a house in the town for the modest median price of just $425,000. That's where a Savvy mortgage broker comes in, as we can help you tailor your home loan to suit your needs, with affordable rates and flexible features. 

Why should I use a Savvy mortgage broker?

Savvy's brokers don’t just arrange finance. They also help home buyers prepare paperwork, submit applications and advise about other additional elements specific to purchasing a home. They can provide guidance concerning lenders mortgage insurance, local stamp duty requirements, transfer fees, and even liaise with the vendor’s solicitor to speed the process along.

Mortgage brokers in general know their stuff. Did you know they have more than 13 years of industry experience on average? What that means for home buyers is expert advice and an increased likelihood of a quick, successful home loan application.

That’s not to say they’re short on options, either. Your Savvy broker may be local, but that doesn’t limit their reach. They partner with between 20 and 50 lenders from various sectors within the marketplace: banks, non-bank lenders and independent finance providers. That gives them access to hundreds of different products and home loan features – plus, they’re likely to find cheaper interest rates too.

What features can a mortgage broker help me access?

Brokers take a more holistic view of your finances, allowing for your budget, additional borrowing, and potential plans. There are several products and strategies they use to help you get more for your money, including:

  • Offset accounts are linked to your mortgage. You use them just like any other bank account, but what you deposit reduces how much home loan interest you pay.
  • Lines of credit allow home buyers to access the equity they’ve accumulated in their home with rising property prices and regular mortgage repayments. It’s an on-demand facility and you pay the same interest rate as your mortgage when you borrow.
  • Redraw facilities work in a similar way but you make extra mortgage repayments so you can access your equity as a cost-effective way to fund anything you need.

Who can a Savvy mortgage broker help in Rockingham?

Just about anybody. Because they partner with more lenders, they can access various specialist home loan products designed to make qualification simpler, faster, and with interest rates that make home ownership more affordable:

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