Mortgage Brokers Point Cook

Find qualified mortgage brokers in Point Cook and save money on your home loan. Connect with local home loan experts.

Last updated on April 26th, 2022 at 09:47 am by Bill Tsouvalas

Mortgage Brokers Point Cook

Looking for a mortgage broker to help you finance your new house in Point Cook? This relatively new, booming Melbourne suburb has everything a growing family could want. Near Altona beach, and with an array of amenities, it’s close enough to the CBD for commuters with enough to keep the kids happy on the weekends.

Savvy partners with the best licenced home loan experts all over Australia so homebuyers can access advice, help, and more mortgage options. When you enquire with Savvy, you can connect with MFAA or FBAA-approved home loan specialists and find a cheaper mortgage deal.

Why should I use a mortgage broker with Savvy?

You gain access to a broader range of interest rates and products when you decide to search with a Savvy mortgage broker rather than shouldering the burden yourself. It’s simple: the more lenders you check, the lower the rate and the better the product you’re likely to find.

Our brokers will also help you get through the home loan process. They compare hundreds of low-interest home loans, assist with paperwork and, finally, they’ll stick with you until your application is approved and your loan is settled.

Can Savvy brokers find an affordable mortgage for a first-time buyer?

If you need help buying your first home, you should seek out advice and assistance from one of our expert brokers. They help with applications and have a good range of products designed specifically for making homes more affordable, such as:

  • Home loans for buyers with non-genuine savings allow you to use an inheritance or cash gift to contribute to a down payment for a home. These days, many of us trade in stocks and might even have several forms of income or capital tied up in various assets – including property.
  • Guarantor home loans are a way to offer a lender security with the help of a family member. It’s a great method for avoiding costly LMI and helps many first-time buyers achieve home ownership faster.
  • Family pledge loans are a similar solution to guarantor loans but relatives can offer just enough security to get you over the 20% down payment line.
  • Low-deposit mortgages. Homebuyers can choose from fixed or variable-rate repayments and qualify for a home loan with up to 95% LVR.

I’m self-employed. Can a mortgage broker find me a home loan?

Yes – there are many specialist home loan options if you run a business or work as a contractor. Our brokers can find more solutions and lower interest rates for homebuyers, such as:

Can a Savvy broker find me a cheaper investment mortgage?

Point Cook is a family suburb that offers great opportunities for second home buyers and investors. The median price for a family home is only around $650,000, and you can expect approximately $400 each week in rent, equating to a rental yield somewhere around 3%. Talk to a local broker about specialised solutions, such as:

Can a broker help me with a house and land package mortgage?

Yes – there’s always a huge amount of development happening to expand Point Cook, and brokers can access house and land package home loans as well as vacant land mortgages, depending on whether or not you’re ready to build your new home. As soon as you find your land – if not before, it’s an excellent idea to speak with a local home loan broker before you make a move