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Finding qualified mortgage brokers in Mandurah is easier when you use Savvy. Compare more home loan deals, save money.
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If you’re thinking about buying a home, mortgage brokers can help you prepare, apply, and qualify for a loan with a cheaper interest rate and better features. Don’t sign up for a mortgage until you’ve talked with one of our approved home loan specialists first. Our brokers won’t stop working on your behalf once you’ve applied for the ideal solution. They’ll continue to chase up the lender and monitor progress, right up until your home loan is settled.

Can a Savvy broker help me find a more affordable mortgage?

Yes – Savvy mortgage brokers work to find home buyers the most cost-effective home loan solutions as quickly as possible. While that sometimes means going with the lowest available interest rate, a broker looks at your wider financial objectives to form a better picture of what’s the ideal home loan setup for you. A mortgage broker will first identify the best home loan options out there, from which point they’ll start looking at a structure that suits your specific needs.

Can I buy vacant land or choose a home and land package with a mortgage broker?

Yes – with so much new development currently taking place in Mandurah, our brokers help all sorts of homebuyers find a mortgage for building a new home or dealing with a developer. There are two ways to go about that, and each method will suit different homebuyers. You’ll likely consider at least two specialist home lending options if you’ve been looking at building a new place on the Lakelands Estate, for instance:

Loan type: How it works: Pros and cons:

House and land package loan

House and land package loans work well for home buyers who need to deal with a developer.

Let’s say you’ve been looking at an option on the Ocean Hill Estate. When your loan is approved, the lender releases an initial sum to buy the land, then makes further interim payments to the developer as the build progresses.


All-in-one solution for buying land and building a home.

Interest rates are typically lower than with vacant land.

Settlement happens in stages that align with the build.


There’s usually a time limit for building work to start – typically within three months

Vacant land loans

A vacant land loan is a simple finance facility for buying a piece of land when you’re planning to build a house.

Home buyers buy the land only with this option.


No time limits are involved, so it allows buyers to purchase land now before prices rise further.


Interest rates for vacant land are higher than for completed or in-progress property.

What specialist mortgages and options do Savvy brokers offer?

Our mortgage brokers work with a diverse group of residents in a very active property market, so they need access to a broad range of skills, products, and features:

Every single person out there has different home buying needs, and mortgage brokers are experts at identifying them. While some buyers just need a standard home loan, specialist products and features can save others a lot of money:

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