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Buying a home is faster and cheaper when you talk to a mortgage broker in Maitland. Get expert help, find more choice.
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, updated on August 8th, 2023       

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Sometimes, it’s not what you’ve got, it’s the way you use it that counts, and getting the right home loan advice can help you save heaps – even on a standard home loan. If you’re thinking about buying a home, our mortgage brokers can access far more options and lower interest rates than a bank. Not only that, but brokers help with everything from finding a cheaper deal to making sure you qualify for a mortgage. Ready to connect with a local home loan specialist right now? Savvy can help.

Maitland is about 160km north of Sydney in the beautiful Hunter Valley and is home to nearly 80,000 people. The town is steeped in history and has some impressive heritage buildings. It’s popular with families, has great schools, and excellent amenities.

Why is it worth talking to a Savvy mortgage broker?

Finding the right mortgage is about getting the lowest interest rate available, but that’s not the whole story. The key to doing the most with a home loan is getting one that fits your bigger picture – and that’s exactly what our mortgage brokers do.

The fact is, our home is a major purchase, but we can find home loans that fit with our broader finances too, like how we earn, save, and pay for other expenses. Mortgage brokers perform a vital service for home buyers. They discuss your financial aims, needs and capabilities. From there, they search for cost-effective options that make it easier to live with your home loan.

Add to that the fact that brokers have access to hundreds of products from an array of different lenders and the savings start to really add up for home buyers. A recent study found that during the last three decades, mortgage brokers have contributed to a 3% fall in average home loan interest rates.

How does it all work when I talk to a mortgage broker?

It’s a relatively simple and painless process. Mortgage brokers basically look at all your finances, so they can find the home loan that works best for you. They’ll ask you about your goals and determine what you can afford before getting to work  comparing the cheapest owner-occupier home loans out there.

Brokers understand the lending industry, so they can advise about and utilise a full range of products and features to make the most of your budget. That extends to recommending fixed, variable, or split-rate home loan repayments, then discussing whether specialist features like offset accounts, redraw facilities, or a line of credit can get you where you need to be for less spend.

I’m an investor. Can a broker find me a cheaper mortgage?

Maitland’s rental market is an active one. Around 27% of the population are tenants, and that produces some great results for second home owners and property investors in the area.

The average house returns about $450 per week in rent and units achieve $320, with both options producing a yield approaching 5%. Mortgage brokers compare hundreds of specialist investment home loans, with options like interest-only repayments available.

Can I refinance my mortgage with a Savvy broker?

Yes – our mortgage brokers can compare hundreds of home loan refinance options for both owner-occupiers and investors. Locals refinance for a number of reasons, including refinancing a home loan to consolidate debt or after a divorce.

Do mortgage brokers help first-time buyers?

Absolutely – in fact, they can be the difference between qualifying for a cost-effective home loan or getting a refusal from a lender. Mortgage applications can be tricky – especially if it’s your first time, and a broker will not only prepare, submit, and chase up your application for you, they’ll also target specific lenders based on your status and their qualification requirements. Our brokers provide a range of specialised options for first-time buyers, like:

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