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Trying to find a mortgage broker in Lismore? Now you can source licenced local home loan professionals with Savvy.
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, updated on August 8th, 2023       

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Are you thinking about buying or building a new home? Mortgage brokers help thousands of home buyers find the right lending solutions for their needs, and that’s why Savvy partners with Australia’s top-rated home loan brokers. Both regional and city-based home buyers can access reliable advice, assistance and find cheaper home loan interest rates with Savvy.

What should I ask a Savvy mortgage broker?

1. What type of home loans can you find?
Lismore is blessed with a broad range of property options occupying a wide selection of price points. While that’s great news for different homebuyer types, it can make comparing low interest mortgages and choosing the right one challenging – but a mortgage broker can help identify and then talk you through the best repayment options, including:

  • Fixed-rate home loan repayments are excellent for keeping tabs on expected monthly outgoings because no matter what happens with things like the economy, your monthly repayment stays the same.
  • Variable-rate home loan repayments can rise and fall when other factors like the national cash rate do, but they have fewer fees than fixed-rate repayments so you can use more add-ons
  • Split-rate home loan repayments allow buyers to use part variable and part fixed repayments so you get the best of both worlds. There are fewer fees on the variable side of your loan and fixed repayments on the other.

2. What experience do you have, and are you a licensed mortgage broker?
A good mortgage broker uses industry knowledge and connections to make your home loan more affordable and convenient to arrange. Savvy partners with trusted and proven local home loan brokers that are approved by either the Mortgage Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) or the Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA). That means, when you connect via Savvy, you’ll find only carefully vetted and fully qualified mortgage specialists in Lismore.

3. How many lenders can you access?
The more loan providers your mortgage broker deals with, the greater chance of finding the ideal structure, terms, and interest rates you’ll have. Most reputable mortgage brokers partner with dozens of lenders and can source hundreds of different products and features for borrowers.

4. Will I qualify for a home loan?
One of the first steps a home loan broker takes is to figure out which products and lenders to target based on your financial situation. You’ll stand a better chance of having your application approved with a good broker on the case.

5. Can you help with associated costs and arrangements?
Mortgage brokers don’t just help with finding cheaper home loans and applications. They’ll advise about stamp duty, grants for first-time homebuyers and be a go-between when it comes to the vendor’s solicitors during the purchase. They’ll help make sure all your paperwork is in order and that you understand all the associated costs like transfer fees and lenders mortgage insurance if that applies.

6. How long will the mortgage application process take?
Most home loan applications take around a month. Your mortgage broker should be able to advise you if they recognise any potential snags in your case.

Which Lismore homebuyers can a local mortgage broker help?

Just about anyone can benefit from speaking to a local home loan broker. It’s not purely about home loan interest rates and a wide choice of lenders – that’s just a part of the equation. A great mortgage broker understands the products and takes the time to assess your situation and plans, then finds the right features and options for you.

Local brokers combine a knowledge of property market conditions and opportunities with a lender panel that extends nationwide, so all sorts of home buyers get the best of both worlds, including:

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