Mortgage Brokers Joondalup

Find out how talking to a mortgage broker in Joondalup can save you thousands of dollars on your next home loan.

Last updated on April 26th, 2022 at 10:16 am by Bill Tsouvalas

Mortgage Brokers Joondalup

No matter what type of home you’re looking to buy or build, mortgage brokers can help you with everything from lower interest rates to applications and even dealing with vendors. Joondalup is a great neighbourhood of Perth to live in. It’s near enough to both the beach and the city, and offers everything from established family homes to apartments and multiple new developments.

Make your next purchase an easier experience all around, and connect with a fully approved home loan specialist through Savvy. We partner with the best-rated MFAA and FBAA endorsed mortgage brokers in Australia.

Can a mortgage broker find me a cheaper home loan?

The main aim of a good mortgage broker is to find a low-interest owner-occupier home loan and customise it to fit your objectives and financial position. They do this by partnering with many different lenders so they can access hundreds of home loan products and offers.

Our mortgage brokers have the advantage of knowing the local property market and the needs of clients and maintain relationships with lenders all over Australia. That gives home buyers more chance of finding both a cheaper home loan interest rate and a solution that matches what they can afford and want to achieve

What else does a mortgage broker do and who do they help?

Once a mortgage broker has helped you choose the right home loan, they’ll look to match it with your means and what you want to achieve. That goes for a wide range of homebuyers, because it’s an area that offers a lot of property options.

Joondalup is still very affordable, with the median price for a two-bedroom house sitting around $450,000 and units available for under $300,000. Whether you’re looking for a bigger family home or a first-time buyer option, local brokers can help with low-deposit home loans, family pledge loans, and guarantor mortgages. You can choose from a range of ways to handle the interest rate, including a split rate repayment option – or keep things simple at first with a fixed-rate version.

Given the low cost of entry to this market, investors can still achieve impressive rental yields – just under 4.5% for houses and nearly 6% for apartments. That equates to weekly rents around $420 and $350 respectively – making it well worth talking to a Savvy broker about specialist mortgage solutions for investors. You’ll find a range of both fixed and variable-rate repayment options, interest-only solutions, and features like line of credit if you need to access equity tied up in your current portfolio.

When you’re ready to apply, your broker helps you with your application and won’t stop working for you until everything gets approved. They’ll talk to vendors, explain requirements, and deal with any issues along the way.

What other specialist mortgages and features can a Savvy broker offer?

The sky is the limit. If you’ve got savings or come into some cash, you might be better talking to a Savvy broker before you just decide to stash it in a savings account. Specialist mortgage features allow you to link an offset account with your mortgage and reduce the term of your loan.

Many Australians use extra home loan repayments along with a redraw facility as a way of accessing cost-effective borrowing when they need it. There’s no limit on what you can use funds for, and you only pay the same low rate as you do for your mortgage.

Our brokers can also access a range of specialist mortgage options designed specifically to help a whole bunch of different buyer types save money. Professional package home loans offer occupation-based interest rate discounts. Self-employed mortgages come with competitive rates and all the features you’ll ever need. Brokers even deal with specialist financiers who’ll consider mortgage applications from bad credit borrowers.