Mortgage Brokers Hornsby

How to find licenced, highly-rated mortgage brokers in Hornsby – compare cheaper home loans, get local advice.

Last updated on April 26th, 2022 at 10:53 am by Bill Tsouvalas

Mortgage Brokers Hornsby

Are you looking for an experienced mortgage broker? You can benefit from expert advice, lower interest rates and an easier way to compare home loans when you speak with one of Savvy’s mortgage brokers.

Hornsby really is an area of contrasts, from the huge Westfield and bustling restaurant scene at its centre to the lofty homes with their scenic views of the historic Galston Gorge. The area has all the amenities you’d expect of a major town or city, yet it’s just a few minutes away from unspoiled countryside. This neighbourhood attracts the old, the young, renters, home buyers and house-sharers.

Can a Savvy mortgage broker find more home loans than a bank?

Flexibility is the key to a great home loan deal. One of the reasons so many Australians decide to sit down with a mortgage broker is that they all have unique requirements and plans.

Our mortgage brokers utilise an extensive network of lender partners, situated both locally and nationally. That helps them find the cheapest home loans available with innovative features like split-rate repayments and add-ons like offset accounts which, when used in tandem, can make owning a family home far more affordable. No matter what you want to achieve as a home buyer, it’s worthwhile checking out what a local mortgage broker can offer.

Can a Savvy mortgage broker help me save on my first home?

Yes – and likely faster too. One of the great things about the area is that it has a wide variety of different housing options and is relatively affordable whether you work locally or commute to Sydney.

Our mortgage brokers can help you identify the best lenders and products for your budget, including a choice of fixed or variable rate repayments. If you’re finding the down payment a challenge, they can discuss low-deposit home loans, family pledge and guarantor loans, plus help with your application and local stamp duty concessions too – which tends to speed up the process all around.

I want to buy a second home in Hornsby. Can a mortgage broker help?

The Hills District is currently booming and offers great access to commercial centres like Castle Hill, but it’s also a gateway to the beautiful Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park and has a fast train to Sydney’s CBD every 20 minutes. All that has seen tenants flock to this suburb and landlords can expect to bring in around $600 each week renting out a two-bedroom house.

Our mortgage brokers work in a fast-moving, active rental market. They can help you compare more investment mortgages and provide guidance on investor-specific products and features like interest-only investment loans and line of credit facilities.

How can a mortgage broker help me if I own a business?

These days, many Australians work as contractors or on a casual or seasonal basis. Savvy’s home loan brokers can access lenders and self-employed mortgage products that will help you qualify for a competitive home loan interest rate. There’s no reason why being self-employed should impact the features and products available to you when you use a mortgage broker.

Which local mortgage brokers does Savvy work with?

Savvy understands that some homebuyers can benefit significantly from local expert help. That’s why we only partner with MFAA or FBAA approved mortgage brokers. Not only that, but we painstakingly select brokers according to their records for customer service and results.

When you fill out our online enquiry form, we’ll quickly connect you with mortgage brokers that have a track record of matching borrowers with products, home loan interest rates, and features that help them achieve their aims.