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If you’re looking for a licenced mortgage broker in Hervey Bay, now you can find one quickly with Savvy.
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Savvy is here to help you find a trusted, experienced mortgage broker without the hassle. We help homebuyers get the advice and local knowledge they need when comparing home loans, features and interest rates. Just fill out our quick online form, and we’ll quickly connect you with fully approved home loan specialists in your area.

How will a Savvy mortgage broker find me the best deal?

The home loan process can be difficult to get the most out of when you tackle it alone. Our mortgage brokers help homebuyers by applying their considerable experience, local knowledge and an extensive lender panel offering a huge range of options and features to the task of finding the ideal home loan for your situation:


There isn’t any type of home buyer that couldn’t benefit from talking to a local mortgage broker, and they can access enough features and options to make any ambition easier and cheaper to achieve.

Which local mortgage brokers does Savvy work with?

Savvy only partners with carefully vetted MFAA or FBAA approved home loan brokers. Great mortgage brokers need excellent communication and listening skills, plus detailed knowledge of the home loan lending industry, along with all the many products and features available.

All of Savvy’s mortgage broker partners have an exemplary record for customer service behind them and a strong history of matching borrowers with home loan products that work for them. You can connect quickly and easily with a top-rated mortgage broker to help with your home loan in Hervey Bay just by filling out our simple online form.

Can I use a mortgage as part of my retirement plan?

The Fraser Coast area has long been popular with downsizers and retirees, and it provides excellent value for money in terms of property and lifestyle. So, how can a mortgage broker help you make the most of what you’ve spent a lifetime working for?

One of the biggest advantages of using a mortgage broker is making sure your home loan gets tied into your wider financial plans. Your home is an asset you can put to work in retirement, and some retirees use it to make modifications or refurbish so they can live comfortably in their home for longer. An approved mortgage broker can help you explore the various available options for doing that, including:

  • A reverse mortgage allows you to access the equity you’ve built up in your home by the time you retire. You can access an increasing percentage of that money as you get older in the form of a line of credit or monthly payments. You set your own limits in terms of how much you can access to suit your broader plan. You don’t need to make payments while you continue to live in your home, and when the house eventually gets sold, the balance gets paid back.
  • Line of credit features let you access a portion of your home equity in much the same way. It’s an on-demand facility that you can use for anything you like. Unlike with a reverse mortgage, you continue to repay anything you’ve accessed while you repay your home loan – but you only pay for what you borrow.

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