Mortgage Brokers Gold Coast

How you can find the best mortgage brokers on the Gold Coast, get a cheaper home loan, and have a faster application.

Last updated on April 22nd, 2022 at 02:18 pm by Bill Tsouvalas

Mortgage Brokers Gold Coast

It’s important to commit to a home loan until you’ve talked to a top-rated mortgage broker. Find more lenders and products, consider lower interest rates and more options for repayments, apply and qualify faster with a home loan professional. You can find the best mortgage brokers in Queensland with Savvy. We partner with licenced, strictly vetted home loan specialists so you can have a stress-free experience and discover your ideal borrowing solution.

Why use a mortgage broker in the first place?

For starters, home loan brokers are paid by the lenders which allows them to work for borrowers free of charge – so you won’t pay any extra to use one, but the cost savings can be substantial, and here’s why:

In a nutshell, homebuyers can access more competition and lower interest rates when they use a Savvy mortgage broker. They also gain access to a vast range of products from all sorts of mortgage lenders – like banks, independent financiers and even local financial institutions.

Our mortgage brokers search for the cheapest owner-occupier mortgages, then they can turn to a range of features and options to provide the perfect fit for different home buyers:

  • Choose from economical fixed or variable-rate repayments to suit your budget, short-term plans, and your longer-term objectives.
  • Ask your mortgage broker about using a split-rate repayment option combined with an offset account to provide repayment security but reduce your loan term at the same time.
  • Search the best owner-occupier home loans and then choose add-ons like redraw facilities so you can make extra mortgage repayments then use the resulting equity for a rainy day. If that day doesn’t come around, you’ll reduce the cost and length of your mortgage.
  • Set up a line of credit to access the equity you’ve already accumulated during property ownership for a range of purposes, including buying a second home, vehicle, or even remodelling your current place.

Can a Savvy mortgage broker help first-time buyers?

Yes. The Gold Coast is a great place to get yourself on the property ladder. Despite the envious location and good employment opportunities, towns like Southport, for example still present a relatively low barrier to ownership with apartments and units fetching an average of $375,000.

Our mortgage brokers can provide a range of specialist solutions for first home owners, as well as assisting with local available concessions for stamp duty. First-time buyers can choose from:

  • Low-deposit home loans with flexible, economical repayment options.
  • Guarantor home loans, if your family wish to help you with an application.
  • Family pledge loans, when you want to get some help with your down payment.

Can a broker help investors save money on a mortgage?

Absolutely. The region proves to be a very fruitful location for second home buyers and investors. Houses are still relatively affordable, with an average price around $600,000.

More than half a million people reside on the Gold Coast, and nearly a third of them rent. That drives a healthy rental market and pleasing returns for investors. Apartments offer a rental yield just under 6% and houses come in around 4.5%.

Local mortgage brokers will be happy to discuss the merits of hundreds of investment home loan options, and can offer cost-effective features like interest-only repayments.

Can a Savvy broker find other specialist mortgages?

Absolutely. Because home loan experts work with dozens of lenders, they can access hundreds of products and options for borrowers of every type, including: