Mortgage Brokers Fremantle

How home buyers can benefit from enlisting the help of a mortgage broker in Fremantle, what they do, and why it’s cheaper.

Last updated on April 26th, 2022 at 10:15 am by Bill Tsouvalas

Mortgage Brokers Fremantle

If you’ve been looking for an approved mortgage broker, Savvy works with Australia’s best-rated home loan professionals so that homebuyers all over the country can get expert help and advice when they purchase a home.

How can a broker help me get a cheaper mortgage?

One of the stand-out advantages of talking to a Savvy mortgage broker is that you get local expert knowledge but national access to a wide variety of different lenders and products.

That’s because our brokers partner with banks and independent lenders all over the country. It gives brokers access to hundreds of different mortgage options. That creates a lot more competition for your business – and lower home loan interest rates – than when you settle for looking at one lender and the limited range of products they offer.

Yet, using a broker opens up far more than just lower interest rates and more choice. They’re experts at understanding home buyers, lenders, and the property purchase process. They work with you to iron out potential problems and speed things up right until you take ownership of your new place.

How does a mortgage broker help me apply for a home loan?

Getting a lower interest rate on your mortgage and finding more specialist options and features isn’t the only reason homebuyers flock to see mortgage brokers before they purchase a home. Our mortgage brokers also help Australians navigate the purchase process. Here’s how it all works:

How the process works Description
Step one:

As soon as you enquire with Savvy, we’ll match you with an accredited mortgage specialist. We only partner with approved home loan brokers that can demonstrate an exceptional record of finding the right results for clients.

Step two:

Your broker will discuss your wider finances and ask if there’s anything special you’d like to achieve with your mortgage. Whether that’s a five-year property investment target or lower home loan fees, they’ll take that and search for low-interest standard home loans from relevant lenders.

Step three:

Based on the results of that discussion, your broker will scan results for personalised solutions. There isn’t really any limit to how far a mortgage broker can go in tailoring a home loan to suit your needs. That could amount to a basic owner-occupier home loan with fixed-rate repayments or a professional package home loan with a split rate, depending on who you are and your priorities.

Step four:

Next, a mortgage broker will help you work through all the paperwork and personal information needed to qualify for your chosen home loan. Each lender and many products have different specific requirements, and a broker is well placed to provide expert guidance and a sound knowledge of the industry to minimise delays.

Step five:

That should put you in a great position to apply confidently for your mortgage of choice and lead to a smoother process. The broker will keep an eye on progress after you submit your application, and work to solve any problems that arise before settlement.

Can a mortgage broker help me purchase land in Fremantle?

Yes – our mortgage brokers also have the advantage of knowing the local market, which means helping quite a few owner-builders and home buyers dealing with developers.

Local mortgage brokers can provide quick access to specialist products designed for brand-new homes, such as house and land package mortgages and vacant land loans.

Who else do Savvy mortgage brokers help?

Savvy’s mortgage brokers help all sorts of other homebuyers achieve many different types of goals. They have access to a diverse selection of varying specialist mortgages and features, including:

  • A local broker can help you source specialised investment home loans. Choose from variable or fixed rate repayments or opt for an interest-only.
  • Low-deposit mortgages for homebuyers with smaller down payments. These home loans allow you to borrow more than with a standard owner-occupier mortgage, and get the same access to add-ons like redraw facilities and offset accounts.
  • Arrange home loan pre-approval with a mortgage broker. This lets you take part in auctions confidently, where bids are legally binding. Pre-approval typically lasts for 90 days.
  • Use an offset account to reduce your mortgage term using your savings. The account works just like a standard bank account, but any deposits you make offset the amount of your loan principal that’s subject to interest.