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Do you need to find a mortgage broker in Epping? Get help comparing home loans from trusted local specialists.
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Finding a local home loan specialist can be time-consuming and difficult. That's why Savvy partners with trusted, fully approved and vetted home loan professionals all over Australia; to help buyers experience a truly tailored home loan service without a lengthy wait or search.

Epping is ideally located for the working family or young professional. It boasts a modern train station that’s just a 25-minute ride to the CBD and is a self-contained area with supermarkets, a range of local shops and schools. There’s a selection of different housing options available also, from apartments and units to both older and modern houses. Despite its location and transport links, median house prices in the area are still well under $1 million for a two-bedroom house.

What home loans can a mortgage broker access?

Our mortgage brokers maintain long-term relationships with dozens of finance providers ranging from the big national banks to local institutions and even independent lenders. That means they’re well placed to offer every type of home buyer access to a range of low-interest mortgage solutions that match their goals, schedule and situation.

  • Family home buyers: can access a range of helpful features and home loan solutions by talking with a mortgage broker, tailored to suit their own unique priorities. If you want the security of unchanging regular repayments, talk with your broker about using a fixed home loan interest rate. Buyers who’d prefer variable-rate repayments can sound out an expert broker and then weigh up the pros and cons. For some, split-rate repayments might be the ideal solution. Whatever your needs and preferences, a Savvy broker can access the features and products you need.
  • First-time buyers: can benefit hugely from sitting down with a mortgage broker. Not only will they help you compare specialist home loan products like guarantor mortgages and family pledge loans, but they’re a mine of information and advice about the mortgage application process. They’ll also help you negotiate local rules for stamp duty, transfer fees, and deal with vendors until your home loan is approved and settled.
  • Investors: can take advantage of a thriving Epping rental market near the city, which also boasts a relatively high number of students. A mortgage broker can present a full range of investor-friendly mortgage features and options like interest-only home loans and commercial property mortgages.

Is Savvy a mortgage broker?

Savvy helps thousands of Australian borrowers save money on many different types of finance each year, and our users can compare dozens of home loans and lenders online. If you’d rather sit down and talk with a local licenced mortgage broker in Epping, we can help with that too.

We’re teaming up with the best and brightest MFAA and FBAA approved mortgage specialists around the country so that more Australian home buyers can get the help and advice they need when purchasing a home or investment property. Just fill out our straightforward form, and we’ll connect you with home loan brokers in your area fast.

What’s better – the bank or a mortgage broker?

It can seem convenient just to call up the bank about a mortgage, but that’s rarely going to be the best way to find lower interest rates or more home loan features. Banks tend to offer only a few different mortgage products – and you’ll be stuck with the interest rate they offer too.

Some banks are quite helpful when it comes to advice and home loan applications. Yet, the fact is, they’ll only offer that on their own products or a minimal choice of partner options. A Savvy mortgage broker can provide advice, knowledge, and assistance on a very local level right up until your mortgage gets settled and access many different types of home loans and interest rates nationwide.

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