Mortgage Brokers Darwin

If you’re looking to buy property in Darwin, mortgage brokers help arrange a more cost-effective solution more quickly.

Last updated on April 22nd, 2022 at 03:06 pm by Bill Tsouvalas

Mortgage Brokers Darwin

Don’t buy a home until you’ve talked to a fully approved, expert mortgage broker. You can save thousands of dollars, plenty of time and find a better mortgage just by speaking with one of our home loan specialists.

Savvy only partners with MFAA or FBAA-approved home loan professionals that can demonstrate a proven track record of helping all sorts of Australian buyers find a more cost-effective way to buy a home.

How does a mortgage broker work?

Our mortgage brokers help homebuyers in several different ways, all of which help you save money. When you talk with a broker, they’ll look to get a picture of your current finances, any plans you have for the future and an idea of how you’d like your mortgage to work.

Once they’ve figured out where you’re at, what you need to achieve, and where you’d like to get, they’ll consult with their many lender partners to access hundreds of different products and find the ideal owner-occupier home loan for your needs. All options offer multiple ways to repay, from fixed or variable-rate options to split-rate solutions.

If you’re thinking about buying at auction, or even if you just want to get a solid figure to shop around with, consider asking your broker to help you get pre-approved for a mortgage which allows you to be prepared and ready to go when that perfect opportunity presents itself. 

Can a Savvy broker help find me a cost-effective investment property mortgage?

Yes – because of the city’s relatively high proportion of renters, it represents a solid place to invest. Our brokers have plenty of experience helping local investors source cost-effective mortgage solutions.

Darwin property investors can expect weekly rent of about $500 for the average house and $400 for apartments, with both property types offering a rental yield around 5%. A broker can help you compare hundreds of specialised investment mortgages and access helpful features like interest-only repayments. Whether you’re just looking to buy a second home or you want to expand an existing property portfolio, they can show you innovative ways to use your current equity, such as a line of credit or redraw facilities.

I run a business in Darwin. Can a broker help me get a cheap mortgage?

Many home buyers these days work for themselves in one way or another, and if that’s you, a broker can help you access a wide range of specialist home loans.

Whether you’re a FIFO worker or you run a business in the center of town, a local broker can source lenders that offer specialist solutions, including: 

Can a Savvy broker help a first-time buyer find a mortgage?

Absolutely. Talking with a mortgage broker ensures you have access to the products and options you need to maximise your chances of qualifying for a home loan

With property ownership becoming increasingly challenging for many Australians, Darwin is unique among the country’s major cities in having an affordable median price. You can buy a house for about $550,000 on average and apartments for as little as $300,000. Our brokers can turn to a range of products designed to make owning your first home quicker and cheaper, including:


They can also offer advice and guidance about local concessions for stamp duty and grants for first-home buyers in the Northern Territory

Can a Savvy mortgage broker help me get a bad credit home loan?

Yes. Just because you’ve had credit problems in the past, it doesn’t mean you can’t find a specialist home loan product and own your own place. Bad credit mortgages may come with slightly higher interest rates, so it’s a great idea to let your mortgage broker compare as many options as possible.