Mortgage Brokers Campbelltown NSW

Connect with a licenced mortgage broker in Campbelltown and connect with huge home loan savings, too

Last updated on April 26th, 2022 at 11:01 am by Tina Seonath

Mortgage Brokers Campbelltown – NSW

No matter whether you’re looking to buy or build a new home, mortgage brokers can help you accomplish everything from finding far lower interest rates to submitting your home loan application and even keeping track of its progress. Have a better experience with your next mortgage by connecting with fully licenced home loan specialists through Savvy.

How will a mortgage broker find me a cheaper deal?

Our mortgage brokers help homebuyers find more affordable home loans by searching more lenders and products to find the right deal. When you go to a bank or check with just one lender, you limit your options – and savings – significantly. Brokers tend to have access to hundreds of different home loan options, meaning you get a lower interest rate and a better selection of features.

When you talk to your broker, they’ll ask you about your finances and what you want to do, from which point they’ll search for the best owner-occupier mortgages until they find the lowest interest rate.

How do Savvy brokers use different mortgage features to help homebuyers?

Firstly, our brokers help you explore different repayment options like fixed or variable-rate home loan repayments or even a split-rate option. You can also benefit from using one or more of a range of available mortgage add-ons, like:

Offset accounts, which allow homebuyers to link a bank account directly to their mortgage. It works like any other account day to day, with the main difference being that deposits reduce the portion of your home loan balance that’s subject to the interest rate. That results in some major savings for homebuyers and can even help you pay down your mortgage quicker.

Line of credit features allows you to access the equity in your home that’s accumulated over time, with rising house prices and your regular repayments. You can ‘borrow back’ some of that money for any purpose, and you pay the same low-interest rate as your mortgage.

Redraw facilities allow homebuyers to make extra repayments on their mortgage and then access the resulting equity when they need it. Again, you can use the fund for anything, and you pay the mortgage interest rate.

How can a mortgage broker help me get a vacant land loan or a house and land package?

With so many vacant blocks available and so much development underway around Blair Athol, Menangle Park, and Leumeah, our mortgage brokers are experienced in assisting customers with land purchases. They’re also well versed at transactions involving property developers.

Homebuyers have two primary specialist loans available for building a home. Which one you choose will depend on your plans:

Loans for building a home
The way it works: What to remember: 

House and land package loans are for homebuyers that want to build a new home with the aid of a property developer.

Settlement is different than with a traditional mortgage. The lender releases the money to buy your land initially, then further payments as the home gets built.

You only need to take out one loan for both the house and land, and interest rates are competitive.

With a house and land package loan, lenders specify a time limit for construction to begin. This is typically around three months, but some lenders vary.

With a vacant land loan, borrowers can purchase a block of land without needing to commit to a construction timeframe.

The loan relates purely to the purchase of the land, not your eventual new home. That helps many buyers who see the land they want before they can afford to start building work.

Interest rates for vacant land are typically higher than when you buy or build a home.

Who else can a mortgage broker help?

Local brokers have access to a selection of specialist mortgage solutions for a range of purposes, such as:

  • Investor mortgages: With just over 30% of Campbelltown’s population renting, the area represents a great option for second home buyers and property investors.
  • Low-deposit home loans and guarantor mortgages: Brokers help thousands of first home buyers qualify for a home loan each year, which is certainly the case in Campbelltown with units still available for a median price of just $420,000.
  • Self-employed home loans: You can still compare hundreds of low-interest home loan options with a local mortgage broker if you run your own business.
  • Bad credit home loans: Don’t worry if you’ve had problems with borrowing in the past. Your broker can help you search through specialist solutions from a number of lenders.