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Talking to a Bunbury mortgage broker is the best way to find a more cost-effective home loan deal. Find one with Savvy.
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, updated on August 8th, 2023       

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Did you know that many Australian borrowers waste thousands of dollars each year just because they don’t take out the right mortgage in the right way? That’s why Savvy has teamed up with the best home loan specialists around the country to bring every home buyer expert advice, more choice and better home loan deals.

Bunbury is just 172 km south of Perth. An attractive seaside town with a busy port, you can still buy a house in this idyllic location for a median price of just $500,000, with apartments selling for only $300,000 on average.

You should always hold off on committing to a home loan until you’ve talked with an MFAA or FBAA-approved mortgage broker. Here’s how they work and how they help home buyers save money.

I’m buying a home in Bunbury. How can a local broker find me a better mortgage deal?​

It’s a case of being best placed to help. Local mortgage brokers might have the advantage of knowing what’s going on with property in your area, but they can also access the best home loan deals all over the country. They partner with national banks and non-bank lenders, and geography isn’t an issue.

The big banks tend only to offer a limited number of home loan types and features, but a mortgage broker can pick and choose their partners, so they provide a better service for clients. It’s kind of the best of both worlds. You get local advice but the cheapest, most effective products from right around Australia.

Talking to a mortgage broker is pretty straightforward. They’ll ask you a bit about what you want to achieve and then go to work comparing the best owner-occupier home loans out there.

How will a Savvy broker use home loan features to find my perfect mortgage?

When you do need to make a mortgage work within your broader financial picture, a mortgage broker can be invaluable. One of the most challenging aspects of picking the right product is weighing up the exact costs and benefits of different options – but home loan specialists tend to know the pros and cons inside-out.

Everyone is different, but there are a range of mortgage features out there that can help homebuyers who have various concerns, plans, and assets, including:

  • Redraw facilities: You make extra repayments during your home loan, allowing access to equity when you need it.
  • Offset accounts: You link the account to your mortgage, and the balance works to reduce the amount of your loan principal that’s subject to interest.
  • Line of credit facilities: They work sort of like a credit card, in that you access the equity in your home for any purpose, but you only pay for what you borrow back – and you get the same great interest rate as your mortgage.
  • Fixed or variable-rate home loan repayments: Choose what works best for you from predictable monthly payment amounts or the freedom to apply add-ons that save you thousands of dollars over the course of a home loan.

Can Savvy mortgage brokers help investors find cost-effective finance?

Yes – in fact, Bunbury is a popular place with renters. Almost 30% of its residents are tenants and that produces excellent weekly rents for landlords, with houses achieving around $350 per week and units $300. Our brokers help investors with a range of specialist mortgage options, including:

Who else can a mortgage broker help?

Just about any home buyer out there can reap massive rewards from talking with a local broker and seeing more options, including:

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