Mortgage Brokers Brisbane

Talking to a mortgage broker in Brisbane can lead to some surprising and significant home loan savings.

Last updated on April 22nd, 2022 at 02:09 pm by Bill Tsouvalas

Find the Best Mortgage Brokers in Brisbane

Looking for an approved mortgage broker? Savvy partners with the top-rated home loan specialists in Australia to find home buyers better home loan deals. This is how mortgage brokers work and why they’re well placed to help you save money.

I’m buying a home in Brisbane. How can a mortgage broker help?

There are many ways a mortgage broker helps a home buyer and talking with one is easier than ever. Today’s brokers engage with you on your terms, via email, phone or face-to-face. They’ll find out about your aims and finances; then, they’ll swing into action based on that. The result is you usually save time trawling through offers and lenders that don’t fit your goals or means.

  • Mortgage brokers start by discussing your situation and requirements. They’ll quickly identify suitable lenders and products by comparing low-interest owner-occupier home loans that match your needs.
  • Brokers present options for repayments, then explain the benefits and implications of each. Homebuyers can choose between a fixed-rate option, elect to use a split-rate, or opt for variable-rate home loan repayments. Investors can even access interest-only repayments
  • Mortgage brokers assist with everything you’ll need to qualify for your home loan, from collecting documents to filling out forms.
  • When it’s time to submit your application, your broker will make sure everything is present and in order, and they’ll continue to chase up progress with the lender once your application gets lodged.
  • Right up until settlement, a broker will keep on working on your behalf to ensure everything goes smoothly, and if issues arise, they’ll help find a solution.

Is it better to use my bank or a mortgage broker?

Can a Savvy broker help me reduce the cost of my mortgage interest?

Talking to a mortgage broker about specialist options and products designed to reduce home loan interest can produce some significant savings and possibilities, including:

  • Using your regular income and savings to reduce home loan interest with an offset account. The account is connected to your home loan and your deposits are deducted from the portion of your loan principal subject to interest.
  • What you do for a living is part of how a mortgage lender assesses your application and it’s also partly how they work out your personal interest rate. That means you could be eligible to access interest rate deductions based on your profession or job using a specialist home loan product. 

I already have a mortgage in Brisbane. Can a broker help with home loan refinance?

Our brokers don’t just help with new mortgages. Whether you want to refinance an investment home loan or you’re thinking about switching a mortgage on a family home, it’s just as worthwhile talking to a Savvy broker. You’ll be working with a more extensive selection of lenders and products, more interest rate options, and get the same help as you would when taking out your first mortgage.