Mortgage Brokers Brisbane CBD

If you’re buying property in Brisbane CBD, mortgage brokers can help access cheaper interest rates. Find one with Savvy.

Last updated on April 26th, 2022 at 11:19 am by Bill Tsouvalas

Mortgage Brokers Brisbane CBD

Mortgage brokers can make the process of purchasing a new property much easier and more cost-effective, as well as helping to find your ideal home loan features and products. No matter who you are, whatever you want to achieve, licenced, experienced home loan professionals with Savvy can get you where you need to be.

Living in Brisbane’s CBD has really taken off in recent years with a slew of new apartments available. They’ve turned the city into a vibrant, multi-cultural centre with something to do at all hours every day. If you’re thinking of buying an apartment there, that’s likely to be a smart move, with smaller units available for around $200,000 – but that probably won’t last too long!

How can a broker in help me find a cheaper mortgage?

One sure-fire way to open up more access to home loans and a range of repayment options is to talk with a mortgage broker. There are many different types of home buyers, which calls for a broad range of home loan solutions and features, so our brokers are well versed at sourcing them.

A broker will start by discussing your aims and finances; then, they’ll consult an extensive lender panel to find you the best standard mortgage option. Once they’ve identified a product with a low interest rate, they’ll try and match that with the rest of your needs.

What specialist mortgage products can a Savvy broker access?

Mortgage brokers work with a diverse range of buyers who have all sorts of different priorities and objectives. That means they can source a product or home loan feature for pretty much any purpose:

Specialist mortgages and features Description

A mortgage broker will show you a range of the most cost-effective standard home loans, then talk you through choosing from fixed-rate or variable rate repayments with an eye on your wider goals.

For professionals First-time buyers
  • Depending on your occupation, you may qualify for a cost-effective professional package home loan with interest rates discounts. You can even couple a specialist home loan with split-rate repayments to maximise savings.
  • You can still live right in the middle of Brisbane's CBD for relatively little money and there are hundreds of apartments being built to cope with rising demand. The median price for an apartment in the city is just $440,000.
  • First-time homebuyers can access a few different products designed to make access to property ownership easier. Brokers can source guarantor mortgages and family pledge loans if you’ve got a family member that wants to help with your deposit.

For the self-employed

Our mortgage brokers can access a range of home loans for self-employed individuals.

Redraw facility

You can use a redraw facility in conjunction with extra home loan repayments to access the equity in your home.

Offset accounts

Offset accounts can be linked to most mortgages, and they reduce the amount of home loan interest you need to pay.

Landlords and investors
  • More than 1.1 million people now live in Brisbane and when you consider nearly 33% of them rent, it’s a good time to be an investor in the city. Despite the low median price for apartments in the area, landlords are rewarded with weekly rents around $400 and a yield approaching 5%.
  • A mortgage broker can help canny property investors choose from a wide range of specialist investment home loan solutions.
Small down payments

If you’re finding it a challenge to get a deposit together, but you’d like to get on the property ladder before house prices rise even further, a broker can help you find the ideal low-deposit mortgage.

What’s the best way to find a mortgage broker?

You can find a qualified mortgage broker by enquiring with Savvy. You can be sure they’re approved by either the MFAA or FBAA, and licenced home loan brokers get fully trained to deliver the best results possible for borrowers. They’re experienced, and they hold an Australian Credit Licence. That’s why Savvy only partners with approved, carefully vetted mortgage brokers.