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, updated on August 8th, 2023       

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Talking to a mortgage broker can help you save money and time on your home loan application. Brokers don’t just have access to hundreds of home loan products and options; they can advise about everything from qualifying for a mortgage to making your application – and they help speed up the process too. Savvy partners with highly-rated, licenced mortgage brokers so more buyers can get the advice and support they need.

Coffs Harbour has always been popular with travellers and tourists. It has great beaches and places to eat, but this town has a lot more going for it than just seasonal appeal. 25,000 people currently call it home – although that figure rises considerably during the warmer months. It’s full of thriving business and amenities are excellent. For many families and singles, this beautiful New South Wales town provides seaside living all year round.

I’m buying a house. How can a Savvy broker help me find the best mortgage?

Primarily, a mortgage broker’s greatest asset is that they connect with more lenders, so they’ll compare far more home loan products and features than a single lender or bank can. However, that isn’t the limit of how a broker helps buyers find the best mortgage.

It’s not all about monthly costs when you choose your ideal home loan. Depending on what you want to achieve, you’ll need to consider more than just the home loan interest rate. Features can influence the overall cost just as much as the rate – especially if you have plans for your property or when you consider your broader financial plan.

Brokers narrow down home loans until they’ve identified the best one for you. First up, a mortgage broker will help you compare owner-occupier home loans to find the best interest rate. Homebuyers can choose from variable-rate or even split-rate repayments. Mortgage brokers use a range of features to tailor loans to buyers, too, such as offset accounts and redraw facilities.

I’m a property investor. Can a broker help me find a better mortgage?

Our mortgage brokers provide an invaluable service for second home buyers and investors. Chances are that if you already have a portfolio, you’ll have had those last-minute calls from the bank asking for paperwork, chased vendors on deadlines, and grappled with complex property regulations.

When you speak to one of our mortgage brokers, they’ll methodically examine your situation and devise a solid, cost-effective plan based on products and features that save you money:


Our brokers will help you organise a bullet-proof application with a relevant, receptive lender. After that, they’ll do the chasing, stressing, and negotiating for you – usually in less time than you could do it yourself.

The area itself offers a great deal to investors, with rental yields for both houses and apartments approaching the 5% mark and also that a third of its residents live in rented accommodation. 

Can a Savvy broker help first-time buyers find a mortgage?

Getting your first mortgage application approved can be a hard slog. First, there’s getting the deposit together, then there’s trying to decipher the application process, and working out the upfront cost can be tricky too.

The good news is that Coffs Harbour still represents an accessible neighbourhood for first home buyers. Houses average around $550,000 and apartments can still be had for about $400,000.

Enlisting the help of a Savvy broker has many advantages for homebuyers. They’re experts regarding local stamp duty concessions and grants for first home owners. They know which lenders require what, and they can offer a range of products and features designed to make buying your first place quicker and easier:

  • Low-deposit home loans let you borrow up to 95% of the total value of your new home.
  • Guarantor mortgages allow a relative to provide security for your home loan borrowing.
  • Non-genuine savings home loans let you use a cash gift or even an inheritance as part or all of your down payment for a new home.
  • Family pledge loans mean that an immediate family member can provide security just for your deposit or a part of your home loan.

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